Word family noun energy adjective energetic energizing verb energize adverb energetically
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energyen‧er‧gy /ˈenədʒi $ -ər-/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun (plural energies) 1 TP[uncountable] power that is used to provide heat, operate machines etc The water is heated using energy from the sun. The problem with nuclear energy is dealing with the waste. 2 ENERGETIC[uncountable] the physical and mental strength that makes you able to do things Where do those kids get their energy from? Are you suffering from a lack of energy? The city is full of creative energy. I really put a lot of energy into what I do. He wants to conserve his energy for next week's game (=use as little energy as possible now, so that you have more energy to use later).3 [uncountable] a special power that some people believe exists in their bodies and in some buildings There was a lot of energy in the room this morning – did you feel it?4 [uncountable] technical in physics, the ability that something has to work or move kinetic energy5 somebody’s energiesCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: power that is used to provide heat, operate machines etcverbsgenerate/produce energya power plant that generates energy from household wastesupply/provide energyThe wind farm will provide enough energy for 100,000 energyBatteries store the energy from the solar panels.use energyWashing machines use a lot of energy.conserve energy (=not waste any energy)An efficient boiler will conserve energy and save you money.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + energysolar energyThe water pump is powered by solar energy.nuclear/atomic energya report on the cost of nuclear energywind/wave energyThe windmill uses wind energy to crush grain and pump water.renewable energy (=energy such as solar or wind energy that can be replaced naturally)Switching to sources of renewable energy will reduce carbon emissions.alternative energy (=energy from sources other than oil, coal, or nuclear energy)It is the first form of public transport to be powered by alternative energy.clean energy (=which does not cause pollution)Iceland possesses sufficient quantities of clean energy sources that it does not need to rely on fossil fuels. energy + NOUNenergy use30% of all our energy use is in the efficiencyThis guide provides advice on ways of improving energy efficiency. energy consumptionWe all need to reduce our energy needs/requirements65% of the country’s energy needs are met by imported productionhydroelectricity and other methods of energy productionenergy resourcesThe world’s energy resources are being used up at an alarming rate. an energy shortageCalifornia experienced energy shortages that in turn led to power energy crisisEurope could soon face an energy suppliesWe must secure the country’s future energy energy companya state-owned energy companythe energy industryregulation of the energy industryan energy billWe are looking at ways of cutting our energy pricesEnergy prices are likely to rise significantly in the near future.phrasesa source/form of energyCoal is more expensive than other sources of energy.the demand for energyThe demand for energy in developing countries will continue to grow.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the physical and mental strength that makes you able to do thingsverbshave energyHe always has plenty of energy!put some energy into somethingTry to put more energy into your your energy into something (also devote your energy to something) (=use most of your energy doing something)She should channel more of her energy into her studies.conserve energy (=use as little energy as possible)The lions spend much of the day sleeping, conserving energy for the out of energy (=have no more energy)The players seemed to be running out of energy.lack energy (=have no energy)She lacked the energy to continue.something takes/requires energyClimbing with a full backpack takes a lot of energy.your energy flags (=it becomes less and you become tired)After eight laps of the running track, my energy began to flag.phrasesbe full of energy/be bursting with energy (=have a lot of energy)I felt happy and full of energy.The stage was bursting with energy.a lack of energyCommon symptoms include a loss of appetite and a lack of energy.a burst of energy (=a short sudden increase in energy)He tried to summon up one final burst of energy, but his legs wouldn’t respond.adjectivesboundless energy (=that seems to have no limit)The children ran up and down the beach with boundless energy.youthful energy (=energy that young people naturally have)She is very talented and full of youthful energy.creative energy (=that makes you want to write, draw, paint etc)We have seen an explosion of creative energy from the band this year.nervous energy (=energy that comes from being nervous or excited)She seems to thrive on nervous + NOUNenergy levels (=the amount of energy someone has)Regular exercise increases your energy levels.
Examples from the Corpus
energyHowever, far more use is made of geothermal energy for direct heat.Cassidy certainly has energy, if you consider he will be 62 in June.In a multi-electron atom, the lowest energy shells fill up first.Certain vitamins can give you more energy, if you're always feeling tired.nuclear energyThese equations affect inputs, memory, recall, determination of energy levels, convergence, and stability.the world's energy resourcesVortex missile ... ... creates a whirlpool of seething energy ... ... our only vortex missile.He teaches that essential oils can also be used to balance the subtle energy forces in the body similar to acupuncture.Watkins will need more than energy and experience to turn the department around.Only children had the energy for play, the adults were in a permanent state of weariness.I don't have the time or the energy to go out in the evenings.She's got tremendous energy and a huge capacity for hard work.Do we actually come out ahead by carrying out this scheme, trading uranium energy for helium-3 energy?
Origin energy (1500-1600) Late Latin energia, from Greek energeia activity, from ergon work