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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemploymentem‧ploy‧ment /ɪmˈplɔɪmənt/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [uncountable] 1 BEJOB/WORKthe condition of having a paid job She was offered employment in the sales office. terms and conditions of employmentemployment opportunities/prospects The employment prospects for science graduates are excellent. Steve’s still looking for full-time employment. the needs of women who combine paid employment and care for their familiesin employment 21.7% of all those in employment were in part-time jobs.see thesaurus at job2 BECJOB/WORKthe act of paying someone to work for youemployment of Mexican law prohibits the employment of children under 14.3 the number of people who have jobs OPP unemployment Nationwide employment now stands at 95%.full employment (=a situation in which everyone has a job) Many economists consider full employment an unrealistic goal.4 formalUSE something the use of a particular object, method, skill etc to achieve somethingemployment of Was the employment of force justified?COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1,2 & 3adjectivespaid employment (=a job for which you receive money)51% of women return to paid employment within 5 years of having a child.full-time/part-time employmentMike is in full-time employment, but his wife is not working.permanent/temporary employmentuniversity graduates entering permanent employment for the first timelong-term/regular employment (=working for the same company for a long time)She finally found regular employment at a hospital in York.continuous employment (=working all the time, without any periods being unemployed)You can join the pension scheme after two years of continuous employment with the company.verbsgive/offer somebody employmentHe was offered employment in the company’s main office.provide employment (=offer jobs to people)The new power station will provide employment for around 400 people.create employment (=make new jobs)The government is trying to stimulate the economy and create employment.find/get employmentThe men hope to find employment in the construction industry.obtain/secure employment formal (=get employment)He found it difficult to obtain employment because of his criminal record.look for employment (also seek employment formal)My son had to leave the farm and seek employment elsewhere.employment + NOUNemployment opportunities (=jobs that are available for people to apply for)There are very few employment opportunities in the area.employment prospects (=someone’s chances of getting a job)Better qualifications will improve your employment prospects.employment rights (=the rights that someone has in their job)Part-time workers don’t have the same employment rights as full-time staff.employment levels (=the number of people employed in an area )Employment levels in the region are above the national average.employment conditions (also conditions of employment) (=details about someone’s employment such as how much they are paid, how much holiday they get etc)All workers have a right to a fair wage and decent conditions of employment.an employment contract (also a contract of employment) (=an official document stating the details about someone’s employment)There is a clause in your employment contract covering holiday entitlement.employment terms (also terms of employment) (=the details about someone’s employment that are written in their employment contract, including rules that they must follow)It’s in the terms of their employment that they can’t go on strike.phrasesloss of employmentClosure of the factory will lead to a substantial loss of employment.somebody’s place of employment formal (=the building where they work)They had a long journey to their place of employment.
Examples from the Corpus
employmentIt is this extra spending which, given full employment and consequent constant number of transactions, pushes up the price level.Deviations from a state of overall full employment must be randomly distributed around a mean of zero.I have not yet signed a contract of employment.The fact that an increasing number of women want paid employment has also placed further strain on caring arrangements.Such training is advantageous in gaining permanent employment in the field.Proposition 209 bars preferences based on race and gender in public employment, contracting and education in state and local government.A Japanese company plans to set up a factory in the area, so this should provide some employment for local people.Following the end of cloth-making, the mill buildings were let out to a number of tenants, providing some employment.The employment commission reviewed the request and said the prevailing wage for the job was $ 59,000 a year.Steve's still looking for full-time employment.Are you in full-time employment, Mr Edwards?Part-time employment was unchanged at 2. 07 million.How many times were you promoted during your employment at the company?employment opportunities/prospectsTo a large extent population changes reflect changes in prosperity and employment opportunities.The training and employment opportunities available to young people have declined and benefit has been reduced.Charity schools had a negligible impact in areas where child employment opportunities were widespread.Unemployment Unemployment rates arguably provide the most sensitive indicators of local employment opportunities.The market economy provided other employment opportunities for poorer villagers.The aim is to identify the strengths of the City Challenge area in order to boost long-term employment prospects.Tomorrow's workers will have to be more adaptable, but their employment prospects should be brighter.employment ofThe pact calls for the continued employment of economic sanctions.Mexican law prohibits the employment of children under 14.full employmentGiven sufficient time with other things remaining unchanged, prices and wages would eventually be adjusted and full employment may be restored.The party was looking at full employment and a committee reported on the question in January 1944.The concept of altering demand to remain at full employment was one he did not find it difficult to grasp.It is this extra spending which, given full employment and consequent constant number of transactions, pushes up the price level.After 1951 Winston Churchill and his Conservative successors protected the welfare state, maintained full employment, and conciliated the trade unions.The role of Churchill in the development of full employment policy is greater than has generally been supposed.The contribution of this to full employment is obvious, particularly at times when demand in the economy is generally low.That sounds like motherhood and apple pie until we examine what full employment really means.
From King Business Dictionaryemploymentem‧ploy‧ment /ɪmˈplɔɪmənt/ noun [uncountable]1HUMAN RESOURCESwork that you do to earn moneystudents seeking employment after collegePart-time employment was often the only paid employment women could find. continuous employment2the number of people in an area or a country who have jobs, the types of jobs they have etcNationwide, employment now stands at 3.5%. full employment see also contract of employment, terms of employment