Word family noun emphasis adjective emphatic verb emphasize adverb emphatically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemphasizeem‧pha‧size (also emphasise British English) /ˈemfəsaɪz/ ●●○ W2 AWL verb [transitive] 1 EMPHASIZEto say something in a strong way SYN stress The report emphasizes the importance of improving safety standards. Logan made a speech emphasizing the need for more volunteers.emphasize that/how The prime minister emphasized that there are no plans to raise taxes.2 to say a word or phrase louder or higher than others to give it more importance SYN stress3 to make something more noticeable SYN accentuate The dress emphasized the shape of her body.THESAURUSemphasize to say strongly or show clearly that a fact, idea etc is especially importantOur company emphasizes the need for good communication between staff.stress to emphasize something when you are talking about a subjectMost schools stress the importance of parental involvement in their child’s learning.He stressed the need for parents to listen to their children. highlight to show that something is important, so that people will pay special attention to itThis case highlights the need for tougher laws on gun ownership. The report highlights the decline in the numbers of native plants and insects. underline/underscore to help to show clearly that a fact is true, especially a fact that is already knownThese attacks underline the fact that the security situation here remains fragile. The president’s speech repeatedly underscored the progress that has been made.accentuate to show something clearly and make it easier to noticeThe recent economic crisis has accentuated the gap between the rich and the poor.overemphasize to emphasize something too muchThe relation between food and health is often overemphasized in my view.play up to emphasize something and make it seem more important than it really is, especially to get advantages for yourselfThe story has been played up by the media.The Labour party had a great time playing up the Conservatives’ problems. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
emphasizeNo one technique works for everyone, he emphasizes.This aspect was emphasized by the title of his paper on Penicillium.What is being emphasized here is the fact that the two terms should not cause the proposal author confusion.Other well-known writers emphasize not the failures of servants, but the tyranny of masters.But in this case, they emphasize, short term may mean just a few months.However it should be emphasized that nominal responsibility is not necessarily indicative of time devoted to training.My teacher always emphasized the importance of studying hard.When applying for a job, make sure you emphasize the interests and leisure activities that an employer would find relevant.She emphasized the "Ms." when she introduced herself.Intransigence and personal suffering highlighted the principle at stake and emphasized the need of fighting for it.emphasizes ... importanceStep seven emphasizes the importance of humility in maintaining sobriety.Axelrod also emphasizes the importance of predictability and ritual in maintaining a stable pattern of mutual trust.This emphasizes the importance of the cell's internal programme.This latter step emphasizes the importance which you attach to the whole process.