Word family noun emphasis adjective emphatic verb emphasize adverb emphatically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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emphasisem‧pha‧sis /ˈemfəsɪs/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun (plural emphases /-siːz/) [countable, uncountable] 1 EMPHASIZEspecial attention or importanceemphasis on In Japan there is a lot of emphasis on politeness.put/place emphasis on something The course places emphasis on practical work. a change of emphasis in government policy2 SLspecial importance that is given to a word or phrase by saying it louder or higher, or by printing it in a special waystressemphasis on The emphasis should be on the first syllable. ‘And I can assure you, ’ she said with emphasis, ‘that he is innocent.’COLLOCATIONSverbsput emphasis on somethingWe need to put greater emphasis on planning.The airline is accused of placing more emphasis on profit than on safety.place/lay emphasis on something formalThe coach has placed the emphasis firmly on youth by including three teenagers in the team.give emphasis to somethingSince league tables were introduced, schools have given even greater emphasis to exam results.shift the emphasis (=change the emphasis to something else)With drug addicts, we need to shift the emphasis from punishment to treatment.add emphasis (=make an opinion or fact seem more important)Put bullet points before each statement to add emphasis.the emphasis shifts/moves (=changes)The emphasis is now shifting away from oil towards renewable sources of energy.adjectivesgreat emphasisThe company places great emphasis on customer care.a strong/heavy emphasisThere is a strong emphasis on research in the university.the main emphasisThe main emphasis must be on quality, not quantity.particular/special emphasisThe new legislation places particular emphasis on energy conservation.increased/increasing emphasisRecently, there has been an increasing emphasis on creating more jobs.considerable emphasisMost religions put considerable emphasis on the importance of marriage.phrasesa change of emphasis (also a shift in emphasis)There has been a change of emphasis in the government’s foreign policy.
Examples from the Corpus
emphasisThere has been an emphasis on, and lauding of, the continuity and stability.Claire ranges back and forth at the foot of the bed, throwing her arms around for emphasis.Bills completed by 1980 laid special emphasis on recycling and energy conversion.The emphasis should be on the first syllable.The emphasis was on what the student had to do that day and what might be accomplished.The emphasis was to be mainly on placements in inner city areas.The emphasis will be on real situations, real problems and real solutions.It is worth examining briefly some of the possible explanations for this emphasis on remedial law.This emphasis on worship is at the heart of the gospel itself.emphasis onMenu items have a Southern flair, with an emphasis on fresh fish.
Origin emphasis (1500-1600) Latin Greek, from emphainein to show