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emperorem‧pe‧ror /ˈempə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable] PGOthe man who is the ruler of an empire
Examples from the Corpus
emperorThere was never any question of dispensing with the services of an emperor.The coexistence in Francia of Louis and Lothar as co- emperors was possible so long as Lothar remained unmarried.He was dying for a long time, then there was a year of mourning, now we have a new emperor.He seemed to thrive under prison conditions, which caused the emperors to suspect their guards of going easy on the prisoner.Clothes, the emperor thought, made him what he was.In retaliation, the emperor gathered fifty pagan scholars, then challenged her to a religious debate.It is no wonder that the emperor thought Albrecht Wallenstein a threat.The emperor, in particular, needed coronation.
Origin emperor (1100-1200) Old French empereor, from Latin imperare to command