Word family noun emergence adjective emergent emerging verb emerge
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemergee‧merge /ɪˈmɜːdʒ $ -ɜːrdʒ/ ●●○ W2 AWL verb [intransitive] 1 APPEARto appear or come out from somewhere The flowers emerge in the spring.emerge from The sun emerged from behind the clouds.2 FIND OUTif facts emerge, they become known after being hidden or secretcome out Eventually the truth emerged.it emerges that Later it emerged that the judge had employed an illegal immigrant.3 STOP DOING somethingto come out of a difficult experienceemerge from She emerged from the divorce a stronger person.4 START TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETCto begin to be known or noticed a religious sect that emerged in the 1830semerge as Local government has recently emerged as a major issue.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
emergeIt was from that programme that the notion of the electron emerged.How incredible it is that out of many mistakes has emerged an outcome of such value!Marlena Fischer is emerging as a top fundraiser for the charity.More details of the plan emerged at yesterday's meeting.In short, more research in consumer buying and behavior in emerging electronic markets is clearly needed.Sometimes this restricted approach seems to emerge from a conscious limitation of political interests.At the airport, people stood behind a metal fence waiting for passengers to emerge from customs.Brian, emerging from the bathroom, heard his wife speaking to someone at the front door.Baxter emerged from the building and walked across the parking lot to a waiting car.Elsewhere, other models for achieving sustainable policy have emerged in addition to party work.The work of the Community Education Project indicates how a new pattern of education could emerge in sparsely populated areas.Insects emerge in the spring and start multiplying rapidly.Ensure that the laboratory space, equipment, and supplies needed to address emerging infectious diseases are available.During the court case it emerged that both men had convictions for terrorist offences.Out of the gloom emerge the later paintings, charnel house visions of desolation.New evidence has emerged to contradict earlier claims.emerge fromThe sun emerged from behind the clouds.She emerged from the divorce a stronger person.truth emergedIt was only a matter of time before the truth emerged.
Origin emerge (1500-1600) Latin emergere, from mergere to dive