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emblemem‧blem /ˈembləm/ noun [countable] 1 AVDa picture, shape, or object that is used to represent a country, organization etclogoemblem of The national emblem of Canada is a maple leaf.2 SIGN/SYMBOLsomething that represents an idea, principle, or situation SYN symbolemblem of Expensive cars are seen as an emblem of success.
Examples from the Corpus
emblemHowever, they do not establish themselves as an emblem to the overall design.It was an exclusive circle of friends as well as an emblem of a time and place.In addition, a gun is an emblem of the male as hunter.The skyscrapers of Manhattan dazzled him as emblems of Western industrial progress.A stratagem I learnt early in my life was to hoard every emblem of success and destroy all evidence of failure.The family floral emblem included the Juniper.Embroidered all over with gold and silver threads, it incorporates a Garter emblem.The jacket had a tiny Olympic emblem on the pocket.Scotland's emblem is the thistle.The hammer and sickle is the emblem of the Communist Party.Part of this conquest involved reducing the complex and archaic Goddesses to emblems of particular qualities.emblem ofMany Californians view the mountain lion as an emblem of the state's vanishing wilderness.The hammer and sickle is the emblem of the Communist Party.
Origin emblem (1400-1500) Latin emblema design set into a surface, from Greek emballein to put in