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embedem‧bed1 /ɪmˈbed/ ●○○ verb (embedded, embedding) 1 [intransitive, transitive]IN/INSIDE to put something firmly and deeply into something else, or to be put into something in this waybe embedded in something A piece of glass was embedded in her hand.2 [transitive]EMOTIONAL if ideas, attitudes, or feelings etc are embedded, you believe or feel them very strongly Feelings of guilt are deeply embedded in her personality.3 [transitive] to put something such as a graphic into a computer program or page on the Internet embedded hyperlinksGrammar Embed is usually passive when used as a transitive verb.
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Examples from the Corpus
embedThe remark just goes to show how embedded age-related stereotypes are.The making of personal portraits was part of this popular aesthetic, firmly embedded in commercial practices.Her feelings of guilt are deeply embedded in her personality.This mythology is in part embedded in our history.This denial is deeply embedded in politics.Personal photographs are embedded in the lives of those who own or make use of them.A punishment stake had been embedded in the turf opposite the west door of the church.The blastocyst will now implant or embed itself in the endometrium, losing its membrane.One solution is to embed your neural network in an expert system.be embedded in somethingTheir techniques are embedded in a view that unusual energy is accessible to us all.Personally, we would not consider delivering a neural network unless it was embedded in an expert system.For most people, time is embedded in language, and the sense of time is a function of this fact.Ageism is embedded in our attitudes and social structures.Microscopic examinations show that crystals of zinc are embedded in the eutectic mixture.It has also made clear that these problems are embedded in the overall trade-offs between the various methods of comparison.Cold was embedded in the ruddiness of her wind-pressed cheeks.This is because they are embedded in what I have called a teleology of the oppressed.deeply embeddedIt very nearly is us: as personal and as deeply embedded as childhood memories of Christmas or school terms.Minded by corpulent nymphets with wings and frowns, in reticence they guard their deeply embedded doubts.Had her dream hero been so deeply embedded in her heart that her mind had never stopped believing in him?What research has shown is that these tendencies to behave in certain ways are deeply embedded in past experiences.This denial is deeply embedded in politics.Our roots are deeply embedded in polluted soil.They were all so deeply embedded in themselves there was no love or support left for her.Personal experience, if it happened, would have left them with a deeply embedded memory of an acutely unpleasant incident.
embedem‧bed2 /ˈembed/ noun [countable] an embedded journalistFrom King Business Dictionaryembedem‧bed /ɪmˈbed/ verb (embedded, embedding) [transitive] computing to put something such as an image, sound etc into a page on a Internet website or into a program, using computer codesThis document shows you the right tags to use to embed sound onto your website.→ See Verb table