Word family noun election re-election elector electorate electioneering adjective electedunelected electoral elect verb elect re-elect adverb electorally
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electorale‧lec‧to‧ral /ɪˈlektərəl/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun] PPVrelating to elections and voting Our electoral system strongly favours two-party government. a campaign for electoral reformelectorally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
electoralBut spokesmen said the electoral commission could probably only offer preliminary results Wednesday.Reports of the electoral death of the Conservatives were exaggerated.Yeltsin won majorities in more than 80 of the 88 electoral districts.Congress may pass measures of constitutional significance, for example, certain stipulations of electoral law or the War Powers Act.On Feb. 20 the Volkskammer approved a new electoral law to have immediate effect.an electoral listThus, during these years, the overriding concern of the government in office was parliamentary survival and electoral prospects.Support for electoral reform is growing.This register is not identical to the electoral register and includes foreigners resident in this country and others not entitled to vote.This was the first of her many electoral successes.the electoral systemElectoral systems vary from country to country.Bolstered by his landslide electoral victory in 1972, the President moved to take on the legislature.electoral systemHe also told them to stop complaining about the electoral system.It breeds cynicism and fatalism, which some blamed for the failure of a referendum last month to reform the electoral system.It strongly favours reform of the electoral system.We will continue to encourage a wide and well-informed public debate on the electoral system.The electoral system appeared to form an intrinsic part of a stable polity.Here I propose to confine my discussion to the contemporary debate surrounding the electoral system as an electoral system.Plurality electoral systems tend to produce two identifiable blocs while majority run-off elections tend to produce more fragmented support.The electoral system would not be changed before the National Assembly elections due in March 1993.