Word family noun election re-election elector electorate electioneering adjective electedunelected electoral elect verb elect re-elect adverb electorally
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electore‧lec‧tor /ɪˈlektə $ -tər, -tɔːr/ noun [countable] PPVsomeone who has the right to vote in an election Over 36% of electors did not vote at all.
Examples from the Corpus
electorSince there are 538 electors, 270 votes are necessary to win the presidency.None the less, class remained the most important predictor of how an elector might vote.As this summary description of the system implies, every elector has two votes.In the 1983 election, more electors thought the Conservatives had the better policies than actually voted for the party.However, at addresses where the number of electors had changed, the probability of any individual being selected had also changed.The truth is that electors are not a deliberative group like representatives or senators.But in the teacher contest the electors can cast as many votes as they wish.Elections are said to limit Parliament because they give power to electors who ignorantly demand ever more state intervention.