Word family noun election re-election elector electorate electioneering adjective electedunelected electoral elect verb elect re-elect adverb electorally
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electioneeringe‧lec‧tion‧eer‧ing /ɪˌlekʃəˈnɪərɪŋ $ -ˈnɪr-/ noun [uncountable] PPVspeeches and other activities that are intended to persuade people to vote for a particular person or political party
Examples from the Corpus
electioneeringDespite the reports of political violence and killing, there has been plenty of genuine electioneering.Gladstone did so in his electioneering, Bismarck in his use of the press.Beattie and Foster were fully involved with Paisley and Wylie in their protests and in electioneering.Modern electioneering is sophisticated and highly organised.The second example of electioneering is similarly aimed at youthful voters.Critics have dismissed his visit to a shelter for the homeless as an obvious piece of electioneering.But, in a rush of electioneering, all were approved.It's pure electioneering and I know the people in Darlington have got more sense.All said that electioneering could itself be fun.Unionists did though make war service a main plank of their electioneering whenever they had the chance.