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electione‧lec‧tion /ɪˈlekʃən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 [countable]PPV when people vote to choose someone for an official position The Labour Party won the 2001 election by a huge majority. Elections for the state governorship will be on November 25.2 [singular]PPV the fact of being elected to an official position Within three months of his election he was forced to resign.somebody’s election to something his election to Parliament general electionCOLLOCATIONSverbshave/hold an electionThe government plans to hold an election in November.call an election (=arrange for an election to happen)The prime minister would be unwise to call an election now.win an electionWho do you think will win the election?lose an electionIf the party loses the election, they may decide they need a new leader.fight an election British English (also contest an election British English formal) (=take part in it and try to win)Three independent candidates are also planning to contest the election.run for election (also stand for election British English) (=try to become elected)If you plan to stand for election to the committee, you must be nominated by three members.rig an election (=dishonestly arrange the result)He accused the ruling party of rigging the elections.boycott an election (=refuse to take part in an election as a protest)Opposition parties have threatened to boycott the elections.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + electionfair (=with no unfair advantage to one person or group)The ruling party has promised that the elections will be fair.free (=with everyone allowed to vote for who they want)These will be the country’s first free multi-party elections.democraticThe unions are calling for democratic elections.a general/national election (=one in which the whole country votes to elect a government)Labour’s victory in the general election gave them a huge majority.a local/regional electionThe Green Party increased its share of the vote in the French regional elections.a presidential election (=to elect a new president)He is the Democrat Party’s candidate for the next presidential election.a leadership election (=to elect a new leader for a political party)The result of the leadership election will be announced today.a congressional/parliamentary election (=to elect people to a congress or parliament)People voted overwhelmingly Republican in the last congressional elections.a federal election (=to elect a federal government)The federal elections are scheduled for May 2.a mayoral election (=to elect a new mayor)The mayoral elections are due to take place next month.a gubernatorial election (=one to elect a governor)We are still waiting for the result of the gubernatorial election in New Jersey.election + NOUNan election victory/defeatHe became prime minister after a decisive election victory.the election resultsThe election results have been coming in all night.an election campaignThe election campaign got off to a bad start.an election candidate British English (=someone trying to be elected in an election)Local party members choose the election candidates.an election promise/pledge (=one that is made while a person or party is trying to be elected)The government has broken all its election promises.an election broadcast British English (=a programme by a party saying why people should vote for them in an election)a Conservative Party election broadcastan election rally (=a public meeting to support a politician or party before an election)He drove to Paris to address an election rally.an election year (=a year in which there is an election)The Chancellor won’t raise taxes in an election year.election day/night (=the day or night when people are voting and the votes are being counted)We urge all our supporters to get out and vote on election night.election timeI’m sick of all those political pamphlets that come through my door at election time.phrasesthe run-up to the election (=the period of time before an election)There have been violent street protests in the run-up to the elections. THESAURUSelection an occasion when people choose a government or leader by votingthe American presidential electionSouth Africa held its first multi-racial elections in 1994.ballot /ˈbælət/ an occasion when the members of an organization vote by marking what they want on a piece of paper, especially to make sure that it is secretThe result of the ballot showed that nurses were not in favour of a strike.referendum /ˌrefəˈrendəm/ an occasion when everyone in a country votes on an important political subjectIn the Danish referendum, the people voted ‘no’ to joining the European single currency.the polls the process of voting in a political election – used especially in news reports4,500,000 voters went to the polls in eight provinces to elect six governors.show of hands an act of voting informally for something by the people in a group raising their handsMay I have a show of hands from all those in favour of the proposal?
Examples from the Corpus
electionA period of uncertainty such as an election causes people to be either optimistic or pessimistic.The government may decide to call an election early.Under this pressure the Modrow government set an election date of 18 March 1990.Congressional elections are by universal and compulsory adult suffrage.Ten cooperative candidates ran at the 1918 general election, only one of whom was successful.A further general election in October of the same year gave him a majority of three.This must happen once in each Parliament, usually not later than thirty-six months after the last general election.Taxation will be one of the major issues at the next general election.This is Sanders' fourth trip to Washington since his election as governor.It will be interesting to see what happens at the next election.This year's presidential election will take place on November 4.America is preparing for the presidential elections, which will take place in two weeks time.South Africa held its first multi-racial elections in 1994.It was soldiers returning from the battlefields who're credited with making that election a labour landslide.Federal officials said that the law required them to withhold the keys while the election outcome was in doubt.somebody’s election to somethingAlexander was resident at the papal curia at the time of his election to Coventry in 1224.Forbes can apparently spout the results of all presidential elections to the nearest decimal point.In 1378 a schism, occasioned by a double election to the papacy, split the western Church.On Aug. 6,1990, the President dismissed the Bhutto government and ordered fresh elections to be held on Oct. 24.Robespierre had to make his speeches in the Jacobin Club, as he was not eligible for election to the Assembly.The Judicature Society reported that half of the male federal judges were active in party politics before their election to the bench.
From King Business Dictionaryelectione‧lec‧tion /ɪˈlekʃən/ noun1[countable] when people vote to choose someone for a jobShe was nominated to stand for election as a Coca-Cola director.Mr Morrow is also up for election to the board of directors at a rival Chicago bank.2[singular] the fact of being elected to an official positionHer election to the board expands the members to 16.