Word family noun election re-election elector electorate electioneering adjective electedunelected electoral elect verb elect re-elect adverb electorally
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electe‧lect1 /ɪˈlekt/ ●●○ S3 W3 verb [transitive] 1 PPVto choose someone for an official position by voting the country’s first democratically elected government a new method for electing the leader of the partybe elected to something He was elected to a US state governorship.be elected (as) president/leader/mayor etc In 1768, John Wilkes was elected as their Member of Parliament.Grammar Elect is often passive in this meaning.see thesaurus at vote2 elect to do something
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Examples from the Corpus
electThe founder-members numbered eleven, and in the first ten years of its existence a further forty-three members were elected.Britain must now throw this opportunity away by electing a Labour government.Under any such setup, voters elect a leader who espouses a program.I think we should start by electing a new chairman.One is the Legislature, whose members are elected by the people to enact laws.Ken Livingstone was elected mayor of London in May 2000.Dudayev declared Chechnya independent in 1991, shortly after he was elected president.In return for getting Democrats elected, Sweeney will be expecting favors.Prior to 1981, most companies elected to use an accelerated method of depreciation for tax purposes.democratically electedThe press was horrified and questioned whether Britain was still governable under a democratically elected administration.The politician may have been democratically elected but the politician does not have the same experience as the career official.S.-backed coup which overthrew a democratically elected government.They saw their democratically elected president overthrown by a military coup.
electelect2 adjective president-elect/governor-elect/prime minister-elect etcFrom King Business Dictionaryelecte‧lect1 /ɪˈlekt/ verb [transitive] to choose someone for an official position by votingthe country’s first democratically elected presidentelect somebody toJohn Brown was elected to the board last year.elect somebody (as) president/chairman etcSteven J. Shapiro was elected vice president, corporate planning.elected adjectivean elected member of the board→ See Verb tableelectelect2 adjective chairman/president elect a person who has been elected to a particular job but has not yet started doing itthe Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce’s chairman electOrigin elect1 (1400-1500) Latin electus, past participle of eligere to choose