From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelderlyel‧der‧ly /ˈeldəli $ ˈeldərli/ ●●● S3 W2 adjective 1 OLD/NOT YOUNGused as a polite way of saying that someone is old or becoming old a well-dressed elderly womansee thesaurus at old2 the elderly
Examples from the Corpus
elderlyNor was he really all that elderly.A few decades ago, the average cruise ship passenger was elderly, affluent, and retired. Not anymore.Their legacy from the poor law was a stock of homes, for the elderly and disabled, that were ex-workhouses.He's quite plump and I suppose quite elderly, but he has a wonderful mind.The party members attending the session here were mostly middle-aged or elderly California residents.An elderly couple is silently eating chicken and mashed potatoes at a table by the window.An elderly Englishwoman was seated next to me on the plane.The group interviewed 14 elderly homeowners who approached the nonprofit organization for help with loans.A group of elderly ladies sat drinking coffee in the cafeteria.The elderly people in my constituency worry about their financial predicament.Some elderly residents cited concerns over crime levels.