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egoe‧go /ˈiːɡəʊ, ˈeɡəʊ $ -ɡoʊ/ ●○○ noun (plural egos) [countable] 1 OPINIONthe opinion that you have about yourselfbig/enormous etc ego Richard has the biggest ego (=thinks he is very clever and important) of anyone I’ve ever met. That promotion really boosted her ego (=made her feel better about herself). I need someone to massage my bruised ego (=when you feel less confident than before). a fragile ego alter ego2 MP technical the part of your mind with which you think and take action, according to Freudian psychologyID, superego
Examples from the Corpus
egoTo say that a furnace with a thermostat has a self is not to say it has an ego.Unconditional surrender was more than his fragile ego could bear.He had ego and no ego, both at once.He could deflate the most overblown of egos.Expressed in terms of individual psychology, the danger was one of dissolution of the painfully acquired superego and corresponding regression in the ego.The ego will brook no delay, he wrote.With all these men, however, their egos are clearly strong enough to overcome any residual fear of the feminine.big/enormous etc egoOnly by some one with a bigger ego.A big ego so utterly ungracious and another big ego, Niki's, that had to swallow that kind of shit.The heavily favored Cowboys dominated the news with their strong personalities and big egos.Really big ego, dark hair, he used to play wild, wild music whenever operating.She'd dented that enormous ego of his, hadn't she?But Rhee, self-righteous and unaccommodating of divergent viewpoints, had the biggest ego of them all.Surprising data from the machines can still clash with big egos that want to trust to old-fashioned hunches.
Origin ego (1800-1900) Latin I