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effluentef‧flu‧ent /ˈefluənt/ noun [countable, uncountable] formal SGEliquid waste, especially chemicals or sewage
Examples from the Corpus
effluentSugar-cane leftovers in fields, and by-products and effluent of the sugar-cane industry contain nutrients, essential aminoacids, and salts.Though traps can cope with a wider range of exhaust effluent, they're more expensive and hard to maintain satisfactorily.Or would he perhaps look upon a clear mountain stream and complain about the absence of raw sewage or Industrial effluents?The po solution is to move the factory upstream of itself so that its effluent is drawn into its intake.A large number of works with low effluent quality do not face prosecution.A steel factory eats the effluent of an iron-mining machine.The regular waste dischargers have taken care of their effluent.
Origin effluent (1400-1500) Latin present participle of effluere to flow out