Word family noun education educationalist educationist educator adjective educateduneducated educational educableineducable educative verb educate adverb educationally
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educationed‧u‧ca‧tion /ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃən $ ˌedʒə-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 [singular, uncountable]SE the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college, or university She also hopes her children will get a good education. efforts to improve girls’ access to education formal education at formal1(6)2 [uncountable] the teaching of a particular subjecthealth/sex education3 [uncountable] the institutions and people involved with teaching the local education authority4 [singular] an interesting experience which has taught you something – often used humorously Having Jimmy to stay has been quite an education! adult education, further education, higher educationCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + educationa good educationAll parents want a good education for their children.a poor education (=not very good)She had a poor education, and left school without all-round education (=including a balance of lots of different subjects)The school offers a good all-round education.full-time education (=spending every weekday in a school or college)Children must stay in full-time education until the age of 16.state education British English, public education American English (=provided by the government of a country)The state of California guarantees free public education to all children.private education (=that people have to pay for)I don't agree with the principle of private education.formal education (=from teachers at school or college, rather than learning by yourself)She had no formal education and was brought up by her grandmother. primary (school) education British English, elementary education American English (=for children aged between 5 and 11)The government has announced plans to improve the quality of primary school education.secondary education (also high school education American English) (=for children aged between 11 and 18)She hopes to start a teaching career in secondary educationDo you have a university education?further/higher education (=at a college or university)I did a carpentry course at the further education education (=for adults)They run adult education classes at the local community college.vocational education (=relating to skills needed for a particular job)We offer vocational education and job training.nursery/pre-school education (=for children aged under 5)The funding will provide nursery education for all four-year-olds.verbshave an educationThe women have had little education.get/receive an educationSome children grow up without receiving any education.give/provide an educationThe school aims to provide a good general education.enter education (=start going to school, college etc)The number of students entering higher education has risen.leave education British English (=stop going to school, college etc)She left full-time education at the age of 16.continue your educationI hope to continue my education after high + NOUNthe education system (=the way education is organized and managed in a country)Is the British education system failing some children?the education department (=the government organization that makes decisions about education)Newcastle City Council’s education departmentan education authority (=a government organization that makes official decisions about education in one particular area)The school is funded by the local education authority.the education service (=all the government organizations that work together to provide education)There are plans to expand the adult education policy (=political plans for managing an education system)The teaching unions are calling for the government to review its education reform (=changes that a government makes to the education system in a country)the government’s programme of education reform
Examples from the Corpus
educationSunderland and Huddersfield Polytechnics were discussing honours degree courses in science and education.It can cost a lot to give your kids a college education.He earned his bachelor's degree in elementary education.My parents wanted me to have a good education.Kerry hasn't decided if she'll continue her education or not.Teachers are considered the experts in education and, until the current generation, were much better educated than the general population.Jobs in education are not usually highly paid.The new policies have been welcomed by people working in education.Even in the field of education, however, support is skewed in favor of foreign students.The government should spend more on education.We might expect a clear relationship, for example, between the number of school children and the amount of spending on education.the Labour Party's spokeswoman on educationMany parents cannot afford private education for their children.All children in the state have a right to public education.When we first moved into this building it was full of special education, there was a huge special ed program.Undergraduate education as we normally think of it did not educationThe importance of the local authority in taking the lead in the development of a health education policy is paramount.Certain health education topics such as bereavement, child abuse and education for parenthood were omitted by large numbers of schools.Maternity work with women from varied ethnic backgrounds developed my interest into health education and promotion.What can be done to ensure that the staff development needs of health education co-ordinators are met?Home/school links Large numbers of schools have limited or no links with parents on health education.Community medicine, family planning, health education need emphasis.Do schools pay sufficient attention to the match between the taught health education curriculum and the hidden curriculum of the school ethos?
From King Business Dictionaryeducationed‧u‧ca‧tion /ˌedjʊˈkeɪʃənˌedʒə-/ noun [uncountable] the process of learning, for example at schools and universities, and the process by which your mind develops through doing thisThe most important element of business education is teaching kids that business is more than just ‘chasing after big bucks.’a consulting firm specializing in management education and organization developmentRussian immigrants have very high levels of technical education. tertiary education