Word family noun earth earthling earthiness adjective earthy earthlyunearthly earthen verb unearth adverb earthward(s)
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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earthyearth‧y /ˈɜːθi $ ˈɜːrθi/ adjective 1 TAStasting, smelling, or looking like earth or soil earthy colours2 RUDE/IMPOLITEtalking about things that are often considered rude, especially sex and the human body, in a relaxed direct way earthy languageearthiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
earthyServed rare, the meat of squab is a heady delicacy, both earthy and elegant.In the last six months, two fledgling dirt-shirt companies have staked claims to this earthy enterprise.While their fingers flew in and out of the earthy heap of beans Rose and Victorine talked.In the sanctuary, the earthy hues of autumn had given way to the soft green of pines.If anything, Cajun food is more earthy in colour and some would say that it is spicier.The part is played by the sassy and earthy Juliet Stevenson.She swivelled her eyes to the potatoes Léonie was fetching from their earthy resting-place on the larder earthy sense of humorPretty and earthy, she can be aggressive or retreat believably, and has some nice scenes with her extended family.