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earnings-relatedˌearnings-reˈlated adjective BECEARNrelating to the amount of money that you earn an earnings-related pension scheme
Examples from the Corpus
earnings-relatedThis means that nearly all female workers and male manual workers pay a completely earnings-related contribution.The first attempt at building an earnings-related element into the flat-rate retirement pension came in 1958.They may look forward to good occupational pension, a significant state earnings-related pension and a cash sum from maturing insurance policies.The government offered a 5-year subsidy to people moving from the state earnings-related pension scheme to take out a private pension.You can also get a forecast of the additional earnings-related pension to which you are entitled.This had become operational in 1978, although full earnings-related pensions were not due to come into effect until 1998.Under the 1975 Pensions Act, invalidity pensioners will eventually qualify for inflation-proofed earnings-related pensions.
From King Business Dictionaryearnings-relatedˌearnings-reˈlated adjectiveACCOUNTING relating to the amount of money that you earn and changing in relation to this amount, used especially about a pension schemea state earnings-related pension schemeearnings-related contributions