From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdyedye1 /daɪ/ ●●○ noun 1 [countable, uncountable]DC a substance you use to change the colour of your clothes, hair etc hair dye2 a dye job
Examples from the Corpus
dyeCarbonless paper coated with chemicals and dye which will produce copies without carbon paper.Oil red O and fat red 7B are dyes that are commonly used to stain lipoproteins following electrophoresis. 184.You can even colour them by mixing a food dye into the half cup of water.Pots of dye always seemed to be boiling in the back room.Dozens of eggs were boiled in bright red dye.
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dyedye2 ●●○ verb [transitive] CCDCto give something a different colour using a dyedye something black/blue/blonde etc Priscilla’s hair was dyed jet black.dyed adjective
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Examples from the Corpus
dyeWool and silk are the materials that are easiest to dye.She's dyed her hair red -- it looks so unnatural.I'm bored with this skirt. I'm going to dye it.The shorts were dyed pink to deter their theft by jail inmates.The soles of her feet were dyed with henna, making a brown sandal.
Origin dye1 Old English deah, deag