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dropperdrop‧per /ˈdrɒpə $ ˈdrɑːpər/ noun [countable] TZa short glass tube with a hollow rubber part at one end, that you use to measure liquid one drop at a time
Examples from the Corpus
dropperFolly was a dropper of things and a leaver around of other things.A bait dropper, as opposed to a swimfeeder, has limitations.The first Montblancs were filled by unscrewing the nib section and filling the barrel with an eye dropper.I found a medicine dropper and used that to feed it the milk they left me.They can easily become workaholics, name droppers, gossips and braggarts.Avoid essential oils sold in bottles with a rubber-tipped dropper.It comes with three prepared slides, three live specimen holders, ant house, water dropper and instructions.