Word family noun drama dramatist adjective dramatic verb dramatize
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dramadra‧ma /ˈdrɑːmə $ ˈdrɑːmə, ˈdræmə/ ●●● W3 AWL noun 1 [countable, uncountable]A a play for the theatre, television, radio etc, usually a serious one, or plays in generalcomedy the great traditions of ancient Greek dramaa TV/television/radio drama the award-winning TV drama ‘Prime Suspect’ a new drama series for Saturday nights a drama critic a courtroom drama (=one that takes place in a court of law) a lavish costume drama (=one about events in a past century) He plays a Russian spy in the comedy drama ‘Sleepers’.2 [uncountable]AL acting – used when talking about it as a subject to study or teach young actors coming out of drama school our drama teacher3 [countable, uncountable]EXCITED an exciting event or set of events, or the quality of being exciting Maggie’s life is always full of drama. accidents, burst pipes, and other domestic dramas a night of high drama (=very exciting events) the drama of the moment4 make a drama out of something5 drama queenCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + drama a TV/television/radio dramaThe book has been made into a television drama.a costume drama (=about events in history, in which people wear costumes from that time)a costume drama set in 17th century Francea historical drama (=about events in the past)She starred in a historical drama about Marie Antoinette.a medical/hospital drama (=about events in a hospital)He played a doctor in the US medical drama 'ER'.a crime drama (=about a crime or crimes)'American Gangster' is a crime drama set in 1970s New York.a courtroom drama (=about events in a court)The lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason was the hero of 82 courtroom dramas.a romantic drama (=about a romance)It is a wartime romantic drama.a comedy/tragic drama (=about funny/very sad events)Martin Clunes is to star in a new comedy drama.a police/cop drama (=about the police)'The Bill' is a popular police drama.a three-part/six-part etc drama (=having three/six etc programmes)It’s a new four-part crime drama starting on Monday night.a Greek drama (=a play from Ancient Greece)the tragic Greek drama, 'Oedipus'drama + NOUNa drama series/serial (=a number of programmes with the same characters)It is one of the longest-running drama series on Japanese television.
Examples from the Corpus
dramaa drama studentHe studied English and Drama at Manchester University.I was never much good at drama when I was a kid - probably because I was very shy.Both dramas have finished their runs for the season and, for lack of ratings, might not be back next year.Eliot stressed that there should be no maintaining of different attitudes for cathedral drama and for West End theatre.The jury for drama handed out a pair of special prizes.These, exemplified from drama, are the subject of the sixth chapter.Jeb graduated from drama school in 1997.Audiences like to see fires; fires kill, and when people are killed there is drama.At once her own drama was engulfed in the tumult of Hyacinth's entry into a woman's estate.Carol Smith has pointed to the importance of this book for the primitive ritual elements in Eliot's drama.The drama of this year's World Series helped boost the network's ratings.IfJoyce seemed mortified now, Lois suspected it was drama.costume dramaMore often, the movie founders when confronting spiritual issues and settles for the spectacle of a costume drama.Nothing could be further from costume drama or the spreading of cloaks over puddles.drama schoolHe'd meet me from school - I was at drama school then.We ought to do more modern work at drama school, as well as the classics.Dropouts from drama school who had learned just enough about theatricality to make a nuisance of themselves.A.R. Getting into drama school is highly competitive and requires an audition and interview.People had seen me in my drama school finals.A.R. You both went into the theatre together from the same drama school?I think that drama school stops you playing safe too early on in life and encourages you to take risks.high dramaAny high drama that remains is found deep in technical working party country.But Merseyside and Manchester both proved last week that it is possible to concoct high drama without substituting motivation for mutilation.The problem is even more severe with the natural world, where the ratio of observable high drama is much lower.Thus ended an episode of high drama, the excitement of which tends to distort its significance.They refused to yield against awkward opponents, on a difficult pitch, in a match of high drama and controversial incidents.The high drama at the Fed involves its decisions on interest rates and the money supply.But now, along with high drama, diners at Checkers can enjoy a lighter menu.
Origin drama (1500-1600) Late Latin Greek, action, theater plays, from dran to do