draining board

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draining boardˈdraining board (also drain board American English) noun [countable] DFUa slightly sloping area next to a kitchen sink where you put wet dishes to dry
Examples from the Corpus
draining boardWiping surfaces of tables, draining board.This is an efficiently laid-out room, with its two sinks and teak draining board.The kitchen was also easier to tidy up as there were no dishes heaped on the draining board.He had put it on the draining board.Then tapping it on the draining board she picked up a cube and pressed it against the wound.He was honest: he wrote his debt in the departmental notebook on the draining board.He took the tins of food through to the lean-to and piled them up on the draining board.On the draining board sat the mug she had been drinking from earlier, and Lucas's and Dale's vodka tumblers.