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dragonflydrag‧on‧fly /ˈdræɡənflaɪ/ noun (plural dragonflies) [countable] HBIa brightly-coloured insect with a long thin body and transparent wings which lives near water
Examples from the Corpus
dragonflyBeing for once in the mood to get things right, Phoebe had brought home from the library a book about dragonflies.There were fireflies and dragonflies and huge blackflies with electric wings.The earliest so far discovered are dragonflies.They scarcely resemble the order of dragonflies after which they were named.Indeed, some of our dragonflies regularly migrate across the North Sea.That second child may have spent her preschool years catching and studying dragonflies or building castles out of blocks.No bird of prey hovered overhead, not even the dragonflies disturbed the oily surface of the pond.