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dragdrag1 /dræɡ/ ●●● S3 W3 verb (dragged, dragging) 1 PULL ALONG THE GROUNDpull something [transitive]PULL to pull something along the ground, often because it is too heavy to carrydrag something away/along/through etc Inge managed to drag the table into the kitchen.see thesaurus at pull2 NOT GENTLYpull somebody [transitive always + adverb/preposition]PULL to pull someone somewhere where they do not want to go, in a way that is not gentle He grabbed her arm and dragged her into the room.3 drag yourself to/into/out of etc something4 persuade somebody to comePERSUADE somebody TO COME [transitive always + adverb/preposition] informalFORCE somebody TO DO something if you drag someone somewhere, you persuade or force them to come with you when they do not want to Mom dragged us to a classical music concert.5 computer [transitive] to move words, pictures etc on a computer screen by pulling them along with the mouse You can drag and drop text like this.6 be boringTIME [intransitive]LONG TIME if time or an event drags, it seems to go very slowly because nothing interesting is happening Friday afternoons always drag. 7 touch the groundTOUCH THE GROUND [intransitive]TOUCH if something is dragging along the ground, part of it is touching the ground as you movedrag along/in/on Your coat’s dragging in the mud.8 drag your feet/heels9 drag a lake/river etc10 drag somebody’s name through the mud11 drag somebody through the courts12 drag somebody kicking and screaming into something13 look as if you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards14 injured leg/foot [transitive] if you drag your leg, foot etc, you cannot lift it off the ground as you walk because it is injured a bird dragging its broken wing drag somebody/something ↔ down drag somebody/something into something drag on drag something ↔ out drag something out of somebody drag somebody/something ↔ up
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Examples from the Corpus
dragThe last two hours of the play really dragged.Why do physics lessons always seem to drag?It was like trying to drag a sled with a pile of bricks on it.That's better than letting it drag and drag; you lose a lot of the vibe that way.And then what a cheat, to be dragged back to daylight!As the months drag by, you find out who your real friends are.She loved it down there so much, we just about had to drag her out of the water.Mumphrey dragged her up a flight of stairs and beat her repeatedly.Alexei dragged his coat off what remained of the lantern pole.Grouse are dragged in as the hungry lynx turn to them when their main item of diet disappears.One of the firemen went back in and dragged my husband out through the flames.The day dragged on, and there was still no sign of Jake.As time dragged on, I gradually got worse.So the campaign drags on to the next election.Pick up your chairs, children. Don't drag them along the floor.You can delete the files by dragging them into your "trash" folder.Mom dragged us to a Barry Manilow concert last night.drag and dropActions such as downloading files are simple copy operations accomplished by drag and drop.For example: To move a data file from a folder to the desktop, you click, drag and drop.The desktop manager supports drag and drop, and includes graphical file systems management and administration.This is called drag and drop, and it's a pleasant way to shuffle your spreadsheet about.You can now drag and drop any folder, or shortcut within a folder, and place them within your new category.Clicking on a directory will open it, clicking on a file or dragging and dropping it should start the download.With most programs it's as simple as dragging and dropping the file.Either drag and drop them into a message or choose Send Page from under the File menu.drag along/in/onMore layoffs may be in store if the federal shutdown drags on.The Grunwick dispute is still nominally dragging on.What to do when the school holidays drag on.He dragged on crumpled clothes, tried to eat breakfast but spat out the mouthful, fled to his car.I took a huge drag on my cigarette and realized that I had smoked almost the whole thing.Legal proceedings against Papon began in 1982 and have dragged along since.Her long skirt dragged on the ground and her tangled hair fell around Janir as she hunched over him.Kayla's scarf dragged along the sidewalk as she walked.Then both took a drag on their cigarettes.
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dragdrag2 noun 1 a drag2 be a drag on somebody/something3 ON CIGARETTE[countable]DFT the act of breathing in smoke from your cigarette Frank took a drag on his cigarette.4 in drag5 FORCE[uncountable]TTTE the force of air that pushes against an aircraft or a vehicle that is moving forward The car’s rounded edges reduce drag.6 the main drag
Examples from the Corpus
dragHere Susskind Eikhl winked at Bella and took a drag on his cigarette.Kevin tried another drag at the cigarette.The car's low profile and rounded edges reduce its drag.He did a remarkably accurate imitation of the soft, low drag of a rapidly disappearing device.The resultant drag could topple the plane from the sky.took a dragHere Susskind Eikhl winked at Bella and took a drag on his cigarette.Then both took a drag on their cigarettes.Dmitri took a drag of his joint; then he removed the needle from the disc.At times when he took a drag on his cigarette, one caught a gleam of sorrow in his features.
From King Business Dictionarydragdrag /dræg/ verb [transitive]COMPUTING to move words, pictures etc across a computer screen by pulling them along with the mouseEither drag and drop the page into a message or choose Send Page from under the File menu.→ See Verb tableOrigin drag1 (1300-1400) Old Norse draga or Old English dragan; DRAW1