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dorydo‧ry /ˈdɔːri/ noun (plural dories) 1 [countable]TTW a rowing boat that has a flat bottom and is used for fishing2 [countable, uncountable]HBFDFF a flat sea fish that can be eaten, or the flesh of this fish
Examples from the Corpus
doryEzra strode hard over the growing space between dory and raft and tumbled in.Empty dories scuffled around the raft with their oars crossed.Jesse Johnson hopped out of his dory and put himself be-tween the pile of bodies and the wharf.How hunky dory she kept it all.He held off the photographers with his eyes while feeling in the dory for his gaffing hook.He stepped into the dory and he and Sinnett rowed off.He saw the dories coming in and the men heading for the coffee shop underneath the fish house.Dove destroyed him for what happened out there with those dories.
Origin dory (1700-1800) Miskito dóri