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domesticdo‧mes‧tic1 /dəˈmestɪk/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective 1 WITHIN ONE COUNTRYSANCOUNTRY/NATIONrelating to or happening in one particular country and not involving any other countriesforeigndomestic market/economy/demand etc the booming domestic economy US foreign and domestic policy our nation’s domestic affairs Domestic flights (=flights that stay inside a particular country) go from Terminal 1.2 ABOUT FAMILY AND HOME[only before noun]SSF relating to family relationships and life at home Unfortunately his domestic life wasn’t very happy.domestic tasks/chores/responsibilities etc Nowadays there is more sharing of domestic chores. families that can afford domestic help (=help with cleaning, washing etc) an organization that supports women facing domestic violence (=violence in a family, especially from a husband to his wife)3 USED AT HOMEDHused in people’s homes a new tax on domestic fuel domestic appliances such as washing machines4 PERSONDHsomeone who is domestic enjoys spending time at home and is good at cooking, cleaning etc No, I’m not very domestic.5 ANIMALTADHP[only before noun] a domestic animal lives on a farm or in someone’s home OPP wild domestic petsdomestically /-kli/ adverb domestically produced coalCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: relating to or happening in one particular country and not involving any other countriesnounsthe domestic market (=buying of goods inside a country)The French domestic market is the largest consumer of champagne.the domestic economy (=production of goods and profit from sales inside a country)Japan’s domestic economy expanded greatly during this period.domestic policy (=policy relating to your own country)The president’s foreign and domestic policies have been criticized.domestic affairs (=public and political events inside a country)Colombia rejected any interference in its domestic affairs.domestic demand (=the amount of a product that people want to buy in a country)Exports fell by 0.5 percent while domestic demand grew.domestic consumption (=the amount of a product that people use in a country)In the past the country’s industry was small enough to thrive on domestic consumption alone.domestic flights (=that stay inside a country)London’s airports handle one hundred thousand domestic flights a year. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: relating to family relationships and life at homenounsdomestic lifeShe enjoyed domestic life and bringing up three children.domestic tasks (=small jobs at home such as cleaning and washing)How many hours do you spend on domestic tasks each week?domestic chores (=boring tasks around the home)Many people find domestic chores very tedious.domestic responsibilitiesIt can be hard to balance your work and your domestic responsibilities.domestic problems (=problems in the home and with family relationships)I didn’t want to listen to any more of his domestic problems.a domestic dispute (=an argument between people who live together, especially when it involves violence)Police are often called to domestic disputes.domestic violence/abuse (=in a family, especially by a husband towards his wife)The organization supports women who are victims of domestic violence.domestic waste (=food, paper, glass etc that you throw out from the house)More domestic waste needs to be recycled.domestic help (=help with cleaning, washing etc)People in well-paid jobs can afford domestic help.domestic service formal (=the work of a servant in a large house)She went into domestic service at the age of 15.
Examples from the Corpus
domesticOnce upon a time the only crime in this neck of the woods was domestic.The store sells a wide range of domestic appliances.Major international events Volunteering in individual sports includes regularly held events within the domestic calendar of each sport.She worked with domestic chicks, feeding on rice grains.He sticks with large, domestic companies that pay high dividends.Security on domestic flights in the US has been stepped up considerably.The gas is used for domestic heating and cooking.Most Americans listed domestic issues as their top priority.The President's speech covered a range of foreign and domestic issues.She likes to keep her domestic life quite separate from her work.History books do not tell us much about the domestic lives of our ancestors.Volkswagen produce cars both for the domestic market and for export.Domestic problems are affecting his work.I'm worried about Jim - I think he may be having some domestic problems.Unfortunately, most of these efforts were directed towards reducing non-oil imports, which had damaging effects on domestic production.Linked to this is the upkeep of military forces and armaments for domestic reasons.It can be difficult for people with domestic responsibilities to work late at night.The airline serves mainly domestic routes.Some 90 percent of government debt is financed from domestic savings, leaving little capital spare for stocks.Victims of domestic violence are often reluctant to tell the police.The women had all experienced some form of domestic violence.domestic winedomestic affairsThe image of the government was one of strength in domestic affairs.The ruling dynasties and aristocracies required an essential stability in international as well as domestic affairs.There is no reason today why Paris should intervene massively in our domestic affairs.Thereafter, his form fluctuated as irregularly as his training and his domestic affairs.Both these men, under the Yorkists, were more concerned with national administration than with the domestic affairs of the household.domestic violenceManley was arrested for assault and domestic violence.Shea had long been a victim of domestic violence.Her history is still perceived to be one of religious mystification and ritualised domestic violence.We have helped raise millions of dollars for education and awareness to all sort of issues, including domestic violence.From now on, all domestic violence cases will be followed by the same team of prosecutors through every court appearance.Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, domestic violence is about power and control.Others say Gwinn has used domestic violence to advance his career.domestic appliancesWhirlpool is the number one maker of large domestic appliances.A separate utility room nearby houses all the noisy domestic appliances.Third - the occasional sums needed for holidays, car repairs, house repairs, and replacement of furniture and domestic appliances.domestic petsNowadays there are three partners in the practise specialising almost exclusively in domestic pets.The foxes cause little nuisance, whereas domestic pets befoul the streets, parks and gardens.As well as looking after the welfare of domestic pets, the society plays a vital role in the care of farm livestock.
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domesticdomestic2 noun [countable] 1 BODH old-fashioned a servant who works in a large house2 British English informal a fight between members of a family in their home It sounded like the neighbours were having a bit of a domestic.
Examples from the Corpus
domesticIn hospital environments basic services such as cooking and laundry were organized centrally and cleaning was undertaken by domestics.For example, in the 1920s there were no civilian domestics at the station-house.When I went into the house, the domestics refrained from looking at me.The exotic appeal of the domestic does not, however, last.
From King Business Dictionarydomesticdo‧mes‧tic /dəˈmestɪk/ adjective [only before a noun]1relating to the home or the familydramatic rises planned on domestic fuel bills2relating to the country you live in, rather than abroadThe government hoped to halt the overall decline in domestic investment by restructuring industrial production.Only farmers with a federal license can sell peanuts on thedomestic market.Foreign concern over human rights issues does not constitute interference indomestic affairs.Origin domestic1 (1400-1500) French domestique, from Latin domesticus, from domus house