Word family noun divorcé divorcee adjective divorced verb divorce
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divorceddi‧vorced /dəˈvɔːst $ -ɔːrst/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective 1 SSFSCLno longer married to your wife or husband Are you married, single, or divorced? a divorced womandivorced from Anne is divorced from Simon’s father. My parents are getting divorced.see thesaurus at married2 separate from and not connected in any way to an idea, subject etcdivorced from His ideas are completely divorced from reality.
Examples from the Corpus
divorcedSue's parents are divorced.We are getting divorced, after the first flush of twenties marriages.He's divorced and doesn't seem to have a job or much money.At twenty-five Maria is now divorced, and lives with her three children.The Bishop takes an old-fashioned high church view on divorced clergy.After one year Charles suddenly divorced Desiderata on the grounds that she was barren and weak.Last week, I received a touching postcard from a recently divorced friend in Bonn thanking me for a letter.During the few minutes they chatted, apart from mentioning he was divorced, he did not bring up Liza's name.More than 80% of divorced men, and 75% of divorced women, go on to remarry.The same holds for divorced men.They got divorced only three years after they got married.By contrast, only 20% of divorced parents with children succeeded in stopping smoking.Yes, she used to be married, but she's been divorced since last year.He's living with a divorced woman and her two children.divorced womengetting divorcedOnly last year they were getting divorced after Eminem allegedly pistol-whipped a man he suspected of seeing Kim.We are getting divorced, after the first flush of twenties marriages.I go home and people are either getting divorced or remarried and they haven't seen through it all yet.In some ways them getting divorced was a good thing because everyone was much happier afterwards.divorced from realityAccordingly, the ideologies they adopted were divorced from reality.Now this, to outsiders, is an unbelievable world, totally severed from the outside world, utterly divorced from reality.Theory was, however, divorced from reality.