Word family noun divide division subdivision adjective dividedundivided divisibleindivisible divisive verb divide subdivide
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdivisiondi‧vi‧sion /dəˈvɪʒən/ ●●● S3 W1 noun 1 separating [countable, uncountable]SEPARATE the act of separating something into two or more different parts, or the way these parts are separated or shareddivision of something between/among/into something the division of words into syllables the traditional division of labour (=the way that particular tasks are shared) between husband and wife2 disagreement [countable, uncountable]DISAGREE disagreement among the members of a group that makes them form smaller opposing groupsdivision between/within/among something Can he heal the deep divisions among Republican ranks?racial/class/gender etc division The old class divisions had begun to break down. The Army was plagued by internal divisions.3 mathematics [uncountable]HMN the process of finding out how many times one number is contained in anothermultiplication, long division4 part of an organization [countable]BBC a group that does a particular job within a large organization the Computer Services Division5 military [countable]PMA a large military group a tank division 6 sport [countable]DS one of the groups of teams that a sports competition is divided into, often based on the number of games they have wonthe Premier/First/Second/Third/Fourth Division a second-division club7 in parliament [countable]PGP a process in which members of the British parliament vote for something by dividing into groups MPs forced a division on the bill. Some members supported the opposition in the division lobbies (=the rooms where the vote takes place).
Examples from the Corpus
divisionI work in the administration division as a mail mover.The company's Credit Data Division is based in Orange County.There was a deep division in the Republican Party over policy on Central America.Indeed, there is little differentiation by class at all in domestic divisions of labour.The entire division of 18,000 troops will be home in about a month.But he is giving no clues at present as to the composition of his full back line and forward division.There are signs of growing division within the administration about the best strategy to adopt.The housebuilding division is already being wound down.the Japanese division of American ExpressThe sales and advertising departments are both part of the marketing division.To me, this club is as good as any team in our division.The Warriors are currently first in the Pacific division.division of labourHow does money aid the specialization and division of labour?Neo-Marxists emphasize the globalization of capitalist production and the associated creation of a global division of labour.The source of consensus was to be found in the division of labour, which was the pre-eminent fact of social solidarity.One possible explanation lies in the division of labour between women and men.A crucial aspect of the productive process is the division of labour into restricted tasks.Similarly, the concepts of the division of labour and organisation through specialisation still hold sway within many organisations.But the stress so far on the division of labour is somewhat one-sided.The division of labour is always reflected in differentiation of status.internal divisionsThe size and internal divisions accommodate A4 and A5 paper and documents.The bank was wracked by internal divisions between the bank's traditional managers and the outsiders headed by Sir Kit.But it is torn by deeper internal divisions than those warring along ethnic or religious lines.But one worrisome development for insiders is the appearance of internal divisions.Why should Britain's areas of highest unemployment suffer because of Tory party internal divisions?Whatever disagreement there is about the internal divisions of the texts in the manuscripts, the whole treatise has a shape.The internal divisions which seemingly threatened, but actually assisted, the political survival of General Franco continued into 1942.the Premier/First/Second/Third/Fourth DivisionHis three-match ban has been lifted with immediate effect, freeing him for the First Division match at Huddersfield tomorrow.Keegan is desperate to stay after savouring his first taste in management by keeping United in the Second Division.In the first division the top two teams would play off at Twickenham for the county title.They lead the first division by one point from Gloucester, so it's going to be some cup tie.Gould was sacked after a stormy 14 months following Albion's failure to at least make the Third Division promotion play-offs.Recently relegated to the first division, the projected loss of Premier League gate receipts meant a further deficit of £400,000.Last term, he took the Quakers into Division Three by storming to the fourth division championship.division lobbiesEither the Government performs a climbdown of epic humiliation scale or it publishes and risks being damned in the division lobbies.The bargain is one which a minority Labour government could well afford to offer, in return for essential support in the division lobbies.
From King Business Dictionarydivisiondi‧vi‧sion /dəˈvɪʒən/ noun [countable]ORGANIZATIONS one of the large parts into which a large organization or company is dividedEach division has its own editorial, production, and marketing sales staff.Thomson acquired the TV manufacturing division of America’s General Electric.Origin division (1300-1400) Old French Latin divisio, from dividere; DIVIDE1