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districtdis‧trict /ˈdɪstrɪkt/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable] 1 TOWNCOUNTRYSIDEan area of a town or the countryside, especially one with particular featuresrural/financial/theatre etc district a house in a pleasant suburban districtsee thesaurus at area2 SGan area of a country, city etc that has official borders a postal districtCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + districta rural district (=in the countryside)There are few schools in the rural districts of Bangladesh.an urban district (=in a town)In 1911 over three-quarters of the British people lived in urban districts.the surrounding districts (=in the area around or next to something)The market attracts farmers from the surrounding district.a financial/business/commercial district (=where there are a lot of banks and other businesses)He works in San Francisco’s financial district.a shopping districtThe bomb exploded in a crowded shopping district.an entertainment district (=where there are a lot of bars, clubs etc)Visitors to Roppongi, Tokyo’s entertainment district, come to experience the latest fashions and have fun.a theatre district British English, a theater district American English:The restaurant is located in the middle of New York’s theater district.a residential district (=where people live rather than work)It is one of Paris’ most exclusive residential districts.a poor/wealthy district (=where a lot of people are poor/rich)He lived in one of London’s poorest districts.a slum district (=where poor people live in very bad conditions)Rats were running all over the slum districts.a fashionable district (=popular with rich or well-known people)Brompton became a fashionable district to live in.
Examples from the Corpus
districtWithin the counties 36 districts instead of 164 would form a second tier.Qualification for the pension was to be determined by newly-appointed district pensions committees.Their apartment is in the Chongwen district of Peking.Blaine works in the financial district.Hence Phoenix always keeps at least two of its garbage districts in public hands-so it will always have the capacity to compete.Stockman is spending $ 30,000 in office funds to hold four electronic call-in shows back in his district.In my area the local district council is Labour controlled.More significantly, in many districts there were in most villages several households which depended on cattle stealing for their livelihood.Statistics that I saw later pin-pointed the discrepancies between amounts of money allocated to the white and Negro districts.The two district courts that addressed this question reached opposite conclusions.rural/financial/theatre etc districtAll rural districts witness the phenomenon of ` boy racers' who take each other on in secluded country lanes.Parishes For local government purposes the parish had only existed within the boundaries of the former rural district councils.Employment and keeping people on the land, in rural districts and in family farms must be paramount in the negotiations.Officials in rural districts covering a large area may drive long distances to perform their regular duties.San Francisco saw demonstrators gathering at the heart of its financial district.By 2008 the artists' sketches of a red-roofed, neo-Levantine financial district will have become reality.A preference for country living is clear, and in some remoter rural districts there was even a significant growth in population.
Origin district (1600-1700) French Medieval Latin districtus area under control of a lord or judge, from districtus taken hold of, forced, from the past participle of Latin distringere; DISTRESS1