Word family noun disposal disposable adjective disposable verb dispose
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disposaldis‧pos‧al /dɪˈspəʊzəl $ -ˈspoʊ-/ ●○○ AWL noun 1 [uncountable]GET RID OF when you get rid of somethingdisposal of the safe disposal of radioactive waste bomb disposal experts2 at somebody’s disposal3 [countable]DFU American English a small machine under the kitchen sink which breaks vegetable waste into small pieces SYN waste disposal4 [uncountable] technicalPUT the sale of something you own such as a house, a business, or land The profit or loss on the disposal of an asset must be accounted for.5 [uncountable] formal the way in which an amount of money is used They had complete control over the disposal of the funds.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + disposalsafe disposalTalks were held on the safe disposal of nuclear weapons.illegal disposalPeople were put at risk by the illegal disposal of clinical waste.waste disposal (=getting rid of unwanted materials or substances)Most countries have improved their standards of waste disposal.refuse disposal formal (also rubbish disposal British English, garbage disposal American English) (=getting rid of things people throw out of houses, shops etc)Refuse disposal is the responsibility of county councils.sewage disposal (=getting rid of waste water and waste products from toilets etc)The city invested thousands in improved sewage disposal.bomb disposal (=getting rid of bombs before they explode)The building was evacuated and a bomb disposal team moved in.disposal + NOUNa disposal site (=place to put waste and rubbish)The waste was sent by rail to a disposal site in Utah.disposal facilitiesThere are inadequate disposal facilities for toxic waste.a disposal problemAll cities have a waste disposal problem.
Examples from the Corpus
disposalThese data support the existence of alternative pathways for H 2 disposal in man.The borrowers were companies involved in scrap metal and disposal, and property.In its many forms, disposal of the dead has always been big business, and always subject to fashion.Ease of repair and ease of disposal were almost wholly neglected.They had at their disposal a very powerful light infan-try army with experienced officers and very high morale.This interest is undoubtedly driven by the search for plastic materials derived from sustainable carbon sources and which biodegrade naturally upon disposal.In promoting recycling as the best answer to waste disposal, environmentalists are therefore swimming against the tides of the market.bomb disposalIt could take half an hour for a bomb disposal team to get to Royalbion House.A bomb disposal team made the grenade safe.Village halls across the country become display areas for gas masks, air raid shelters and bomb disposal demonstrations.The hoax devices were destroyed in controlled explosions by army bomb disposal experts, using remote-controlled vehicles.Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message.One of the devices went off before bomb disposal squads arrived.Two hours after the explosions were due, bomb disposal experts moved in.A hung timer was what bomb disposal men feared most.
From King Business Dictionarydisposaldis‧pos‧al /dɪˈspəʊzəl-ˈspoʊ-/ noun1[uncountable] when someone gets rid of something they no longer need or wantdisposal ofEuropean Community environment ministers agreed to tighten controls on the production, transport and disposal of waste.2[countable]COMMERCEFINANCE an asset that is sold, and the act of selling itThe disposal of the 34 stores will allow the company to concentrate on its most profitable operations.Continuing its asset disposal program, the car maker agreed to sell its 12.5% stake in the energy company.