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dismantledis‧man‧tle /dɪsˈmæntl/ ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 TEMSEPARATEto take a machine or piece of equipment apart so that it is in separate pieces Chris dismantled the bike in five minutes.2 FINISH/COME TO AN ENDto gradually get rid of a system or organization an election promise to dismantle the existing tax legislation
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Examples from the Corpus
dismantleThe occupation regime was gradually dismantled, and sovereignty granted by instalments.If this measure could indeed alienate Latinos, why do several recent polls show overwhelming support from Latinos for dismantling bilingual education?Jimmy was in the garage, dismantling his bike.These structures need to be erected and dismantled quickly with a minimum of disturbance whilst encountering many difficult locations.The Detroit Tigers dismantled the Chicago White Sox 16-0.Before a technician dismantled the device, a nearby restaurant, a post office and City Hall were evacuated.The first thing the soldiers did was to dismantle the enemy's surveillance equipment.He suggested that the huntsmen should dismantle the gate to release the animal.No one is suggesting that we dismantle the Social Security system.From there, police and park workers on the ground would move in and dismantle them.
Origin dismantle (1500-1600) Old French desmanteler, from mantel cloak