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dishclothdish‧cloth /ˈdɪʃklɒθ $ -klɒːθ/ noun [countable] DFUa cloth used for washing dishes
Examples from the Corpus
dishclothTypically stockinette is used as a dishcloth and for most general cleaning purposes.There are potentially more germs on a dishcloth than there are in an average pedal bin - so disinfect cloths regularly.It's worth taking your vacuum cleaner, dusters, disinfectant, dishcloths and drawer-liners with you in the car.And in her musings, she wrings out her heart along with her dishcloth, pouring out a torrent of disillusionments and dreams.It was like an old dishcloth by the time I was finished.I feel shattered Lord Like a wrung-out dishcloth Having to deal so suddenly With another's grief.My people have just finished their knitting and a thousand dishcloths are on their way to you.He looked like a badly washed dishcloth.