From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiscussiondi‧scus‧sion /dɪˈskʌʃən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable, uncountable] 1 DISCUSSwhen you discuss something class discussions the topics suggested for discussiondiscussion of the discussion of important issuesdiscussion about high-level discussions about trade and commercediscussion with The embassy will continue discussions with the Chinese government. We have had discussions about her legal situation.under discussion (=being discussed) The project is under discussion as a possible joint venture.2 DISCUSSa piece of writing about a subject that considers different ideas or opinions about itdiscussion of the report’s discussion of the legislationTHESAURUSdiscussion an occasion when you discuss something, or the process of discussing itAfter a long discussion, they decided to paint the room pale blue.This led to a discussion of our favourite books.There are several projects under discussion (=being discussed).debate discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time, in which people express different opinions. Also used to mean a formal discussion of a subject, after which people vote for or against somethingThere is a lot of debate about the safety of nuclear power.The student union is holding a debate on immigration.talks formal discussions between governments, organizations etcthe Arab-Israeli peace talksThe next round of trade talks will be held in the spring. Bilateral talks (=between two groups or countries)on refugees took place in November.negotiations official discussions between two or more groups who are trying to agree on somethingThe two sides have begun negotiations aimed at ending the dispute.International negotiations on reducing sulphur dioxide emissions have ended without agreement.conference a large formal meeting at which people from many places discuss their work or research, or important matters relating to their organizationan international conference on nuclear physicsthe Labour Party conferenceconsultation a formal discussion in which people who are affected by or involved in something can give their opinionsThe government promised a full public consultation before a decision was made to build the airport. The revised syllabus was devised after wide consultations with the teaching profession.
Examples from the Corpus
discussionThe report includes a discussion of global warming.We would offer a slide or video presentation followed by discussion and scriptural reflection.Most people find honest discussions about sex a little awkward.After a long discussion with her father, she decided not to take the job.The committee, after much discussion, had decided to go ahead with the proposal to ban cigarette advertising.Our discussion was closed ten minutes ago.Too rarely has it involved the specialist in the secondary school in regular discussion with primary colleagues.But, as mentioned above, some changes have been made in the light of comments received on the discussion paper.had discussionsHerzog also had discussions with Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel.About ten members toured the reed bed scheme at Billingham and later had discussions about local environmental improvement programmes.I have not myself had discussions with individual arts organisations.And they had discussions with you.