Word family noun direction directness director adjective directindirect verb direct redirect adverb directlyindirectly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdirectordi‧rec‧tor /dəˈrektə, daɪ- $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable] 1 BBCsomeone who controls or manages a companyexecutivedirector of a former director of Gartmore Pensions Ltd The company is run by a board of directors (=a group of directors).2 BBBMANAGERsomeone who is in charge of a particular activity or organizationdirector of the director of educationfinance/marketing/sales etc director (=the person in charge of the financial department etc)3 AMAPTthe person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or playproducer managing director, non-executive directorCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or playtypes of directora film/movie directorthe film director Stephen Spielberga theatre director British English, a theater director American English:Laura Thompson is a theatre director now in the middle of rehearsals for 'Romeo and Juliet'.an artistic director (=person who controls which plays a theatre produces and how they are produced)The artistic director announced that a new play would be staged next month.a musical directorHe later became musical director of the London Symphony Orchestra.
Examples from the Corpus
directorThe Alley has undergone a rebirth under Boyd, who became artistic director in 1989.Have you met the new finance director?As art gallery director, Alistair will be served one.Many said the special effects, a hallmark of director Steven Spielberg, were amazing.This demonstrates how difficult it has become to determine the real incomes of such highly paid directors.Miller has been appointed to the position of sales director.For youngsters in particular the personality of the director is as important as any musical qualifications.The directors are meeting today to discuss the company's future.The director keeps his audience off-balance.Dr Jane Wilde, director of the Health Promotion Agencyboard of directorsThe company itself is run by a board of directors elected by the shareholders.To begin, he formed a council that would act like a board of directors for Magma Metals.It notes he served on the Leesburg Soccer Club board of directors a decade ago.He found two lists of boards of directors, apparently copied from a magazine article.He set up a powerful board of directors to represent a cross section of business, political and public sector interests.And that there will be a temporary board of directors real soon, also appointed by her.In practice they are recommended for appointment by the board of directors.There's only one woman on the board of directors.The board of directors is unlikely to be in as good a position as the manager to judge on etc directorWalsh became Marketing Director on a salary of £20,000, and with a £1.5 million budget.As trade in services soars, taxmen will find it harder to keep up with clever finance directors.Um, we do have the September challenge from our national sales director.And to marketing director Elizabeth Carduff, whose support and deep-felt response to this book has turned business into pure pleasure.
From King Business Dictionarydirectordi‧rec‧tor /dəˈrektə, daɪ--ər/ (also company director) noun [countable]1JOBone of the committee of top managers who control a companyThe board of directors are expected to cut the 35-cent quarterly dividend when they meet later this month. see also board of directors alternate director creative director executive director guineapig director managing director non-executive director2JOB financial/sales/personnel etc director someone who is in charge of a particular department of an organization