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dinnerdin‧ner /ˈdɪnə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W2 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]DFMEAL the main meal of the day, eaten in the middle of the day or the evening What time do you usually have dinner? We’re having fish for dinner tonight. What's for dinner?2 [countable]DFMEAL a formal occasion when an evening meal is eaten, often to celebrate something the Club’s annual dinner dog’s dinner at dog1(9), → more something than you’ve had hot dinners at hot1(29)GRAMMAR: Patterns with dinnerfor dinnerYou eat something for dinner: We had fish for dinner. Don’t say: We had fish at dinner.at dinnerYou use at dinner to talk about something that happens while you are eating dinner: She told us at dinner that she was going away.COLLOCATIONSverbshave/eat dinnerWhy don't you come and have dinner with us?make/cook dinnerI offered to cook dinner.have something for dinnerI thought we might have pasta for dinner tonight.have somebody for/to dinnerWe're having a few friends round to dinner.ask/invite somebody to dinnerLet's ask Kate and Mike to dinner.come for/to dinnerMark is coming over for dinner.go out for/to dinner (=go and eat in a restaurant)Would you like to go out for dinner on Saturday?serve dinner (=start giving people food)Dinner is served between 7 and 11 pm in the hotel restaurant.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + dinnera three-course/four-course etc dinnerThe cost of the hotel includes a three-course dinner.Sunday/Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner (=a special meal eaten on Sunday etc)We usually have a walk after Christmas dinner.a romantic dinner (=for two people in a romantic relationship)Clive and Denise were enjoying a romantic dinner for two in a quiet French restaurant.a candle-lit dinner (=with only candles for lighting)Chris treated his girlfriend to a candle-lit dinner.a leisurely dinner (=not hurried)I enjoy having a leisurely dinner with some friends at the weekend.a black-tie dinner (=where people wear special formal clothes)He was invited to a black-tie dinner at one of the Oxford colleges.a slap-up dinner British English informal (=with a lot of good food)Mum always makes a slap-up dinner for me when I go home.school dinners British English (=meals provided at school in the middle of the day)School dinners are served in the canteen.TV dinners (=meals that you eat while watching TV)TV dinners in aluminium containers can be found in the freezer departments of many supermarkets.dinner + NOUNa dinner party (=when someone's friends are invited for a special evening meal)We are having a dinner party on Saturday.a dinner guestThe dinner guests began arriving at about seven o'clock.
Examples from the Corpus
dinnerAllen and Wanda celebrated their anniversary at a dinner hosted by their children.Ann and I attended a dinner at the City Chamber of Commerce.She had a ticket for a dinner and fashion show at the Castle Hotel.At dinner, he announced that he was leaving home.We had finished dinner and were waiting for the bill.What shall we have for dinner?We went out for dinner at the Ritz.Why don't you come and have dinner with us?He comes home for his dinner, then goes back to the factory.Why not expect her to go to his memorial dinner?Sarah cooked us a really nice dinner.Shall we discuss this over dinner?Since the pregame dinner at three, Sandie has told everyone who will listen just how scared she is.She used to hate school dinners.We had some friends round for Sunday dinner.I believe we shall take dinner in Bapaume.In one of my less lucid moments, I had volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner.Assuming that Fred's wife has accepted the dinner invitation, have they made a contract? 2.She had not enjoyed the dinner.After all, she was to have treated Letia to dinner.
Origin dinner (1200-1300) Old French diner, from diner to eat; DINE