From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdilutedi‧lute1 /daɪˈluːt $ dɪˈluːt, daɪ-/ ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 WATERto make a liquid weaker by adding water or another liquidwater down diluted fruit juicedilute something with/in something Dilute the paint with a little oil.see thesaurus at mix2 REDUCEto make a quality, belief etc weaker or less effective SYN water down an attempt to dilute the proposalsdilution /daɪˈluːʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable] Any dilution of standards must be resisted.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
diluteSixty years down the line, grandad's bravery genes have been seriously diluted.They felt that their original aims and demands were being diluted.To make citron presse, dilute fresh lemon juice with water and add sugar.For each study the aliquot was further diluted in 0.9% NaCl solution.Pour a little of the antiseptic into a bowl and dilute it before bathing the cut.Opening NATO to new members may dilute its strength.For babies, dilute the fruit juice with at least the same amount of water.Right wing groups are determined to dilute the influence of the trade unions.But diluting the quality of the performer does nothing to protect the Olympic ideal.The river can dilute the small amounts of pollutant discharged by the chemical producer.Continue diluting the tomato sauce with red wine, according to taste.Add some red wine to dilute the tomato sauce.They can detect this flavour even when their home water is diluted to one part in several million.Concentrated bleach can be diluted with water.
dilutedi‧lute2 adjective WATERa dilute liquid has been made weaker by the addition of water or another liquid OPP concentrated dilute hydrochloric acid
Examples from the Corpus
diluteSome success has been reported in algae control by adding a very dilute copper sulphate or copper citrate solution to the water.Try giving the baby diluted fruit juiceWater is then fed into the hopper and the dilute liquid fed into the sprayer.When albumin is placed in water, dilute salt solutions, or moderately concentrated salt solutions, it remains soluble.He came on, walking in the same direction as Rachaela, the dilute snow sparkling in his hat like sequins.In a dilute solution in water, it is familiar as a household antiseptic.Both provide a measure of chain stiffness in dilute solution.A source of some confusion is the patient with polyuria and a dilute urine due to primary polydipsia.
From King Business Dictionarydilutedi‧lute /daɪˈluːt/ verb [transitive] FINANCE if a company dilutes its shares or the earnings on its shares, it increases the number of its shares that are available and so reduces the amount that each share will earnThey issued new shares which diluted the equity of the current shareholders.$900 million equity infusion could dilute earnings by 10% next year.dilution noun [uncountable]The conversion of loan stock will give the new investors 58% of the ordinary share capital, representing a substantial dilution of equity.→ See Verb tableOrigin dilute1 (1500-1600) Latin dilutus, past participle of diluere to wash away