From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdevisede‧vise /dɪˈvaɪz/ ●●○ verb [transitive] INVENTto plan or invent a new way of doing something She devised a method for quicker communications between offices.see thesaurus at inventCOLLOCATIONSnounsdevise a method/wayOur aim is to devise a way to improve quality and reduce costs.devise a means (=think of a way)We must devise a means of transport that does not pollute the atmosphere.devise a systemHow do you devise a system of testing students that is completely fair?devise a plan/schemeTogether they devised a clever plan to escape.devise a strategyThe region is keen to devise a strategy to develop tourism.devise a solutionRepresentatives met to discuss the crisis and devise solutions.devise a programmeYour trainer will devise an exercise programme for you to follow.devise an experiment/testHe devised a series of experiments to test his theory. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
deviseThis acted as the literature focus around which seven learning tasks were devised.A residents' petition called for the venture to be shelved until a more suitable access route was devised.Balancing these extremes and devising a general rule is therefore difficult, both in the LFAs and elsewhere.Scientists have devised a test that shows who is most likely to get the disease.How, then, do we make the economy grow and devise an equitable allocation of its fruits?The exercise programme was devised by a leading health expert.In addition, a method of entry has been devised by which legal training is obtained after entry.Imaginatively, however, negative moves of this kind have to be completed by devising new pictures to replace the old ones.His geographically-based nomenclature was however superseded by that devised only a few years later by Giovanni Riccioli, a Jesuit priest.A teacher devised the game as a way of making math fun.devised a methodThen clever lawyers devised methods of taking security over personal property, and the courts followed.
From King Business Dictionarydevisede‧vise /dɪˈvaɪz/ verb [transitive]LAW to give land or buildings to someone after you die by writing it in a WILLdevise noun [uncountable] see also bequest→ See Verb tableOrigin devise (1200-1300) Old French deviser, from Latin divisus, past participle of dividere to divide