Word family noun developer development redevelopment adjective developedundeveloped developing verb develop redevelop
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developmentde‧vel‧op‧ment /dɪˈveləpmənt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 growth [uncountable]DEVELOP the process of gradually becoming bigger, better, stronger, or more advanced child developmentdevelopment of a course on the development of Greek thoughtprofessional/personal development opportunities for professional development2 economic activity [uncountable] the process of increasing business, trade, and industrial activityeconomic/industrial/business etc development economic development in Russia3 event [countable]NEWS a new event or piece of news that changes a situation recent political developments in the former Soviet Union We will keep you informed of developments.4 new plan/productTIADVANCED [uncountable] the process of working on a new product, plan, idea etc to make it successful The funds will be used for marketing and product development.under/in development Spielberg has several interesting projects under development.5 improvement [countable] a change that makes a product, plan, idea etc better There have been significant computer developments during the last decade. 6 building process [uncountable]TBBUILD the process of planning and building new houses, streets etc on landfor development The land was sold for development.7 houses/offices etc [countable]TBBSG a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of land a new housing developmentCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the process of increasing business, trade, and industrial activityadjectiveseconomic/industrial/business etc developmentThe US has been keen to encourage economic development in Egypt.regional development (=development of particular regions of a country or area)a programme of regional development in Eastern Europesustainable development (=that is able to continue without damaging the environment)The government is committed to sustainable development and the protection of the environment.overseas development (=in other countries, especially poor ones)The Overseas Development Minister announced a £7,000,000 emergency aid programme for Somalia. verbssupport/assist development (also further/facilitate development formal)We need to facilitate development and economic activity that provides jobs.development + NOUNa development programme/plan/projectthe United Nations Development Programmea development agency (=organization that aims to help development in poor areas)international development agenciesdevelopment work (=the work of helping development in poor areas)Further funds are required to allow the development work to continue.development aid (=money given to help development in poor areas)Education made up 22.5 percent of development aid last year.
Examples from the Corpus
developmentDevelopments in radar and engine designs have changed the shape of the plane.Women participate in poorer jobs and in the tertiary sectors, areas which have suffered the most from peripheral capitalist development.The class teaches teenage mothers the stages of child development.NATO allies will be discussing developments in the Balkans.Most of the early developments occurred within the United States.The country has experienced impressive economic development in the past decade.The program promotes economic development in the inner city.A child's emotional development may be severely damaged by a traumatic experience in its early years.The venture group not only generates new ideas, but is also responsible for development and exploitation of them.Several hundred acres of wetland have been sold for development.The former cropland has been turned into housing developments and shopping malls.a new housing developmentRather they derive from associated events in experience that antedate linguistic structure both phylogenetically and, in man, in individual development.When they are first learning to talk, we support, watch over, and extend their oral language development.The new development at the edge of town is aimed at first-time buyers.New developments are springing up all around the town.The idea of development is married to the idea of the nation-state.If that section remains, it could help reveal just how much sprawl development is really costing us.Climate was an important factor in the development of classical Greek culture.development ofThe development of modern religious practices has taken thousands of years.economic/industrial/business etc developmentIt has developed specialist expertise in the Management of Technology as well as in Business Development.How can further education help in economic development? 2.This inhibits the growth of a market which would stimulate local economic development and so promote the expansion of manufacturing firms.Like de Schweinitz, Moore seeks to understand the relationship between processes of economic development and political form through comparing few countries.The government also has announced a $ 250 million program of economic development and infrastructure improvements.It is difficult to target economic development activities so that the most distressed urban areas or disadvantaged social groups are assisted.The document also contained an undertaking to deepen co-operation in trade, economic development and science and technology between the two regions.recent ... developmentsRecent developments in particle physics suggest that every nucleon may itself have a nucleus.Recent developments suggest a replay of that 1992 incident.However, there are two points to make about recent developments.And recent developments have stoked the fires of Cooperstown conversation.Mind you, given recent developments there is now some doubt concerning the tour itself.Parents and teachers are largely in agreement in terms of supporting the most recent developments in modern languages in schools.This will be referred to in more detail in connection with recent developments in financing construction projects.product developmentWhat is the extent of market research, demand forecasting, advertising, product development, and exporting?Sound background in concept research and product development.There are significant differences between vendors offerings, and future product development plans.In network economics the major expense of new product development stems from designing the manufacturing process and not designing the product.Of course, closely tired to new product development is, or should be, evaluation of its usefulness and effectiveness.They had trouble keeping up with new product developments because of their workload.His challenge was to maintain his vision during the long struggle of product development.Indeed, manufacturing capability seems to have such a major impact on product development that it is worth examining in greater detail.housing developmentPlanning permission for a big housing development has been refused, and the group is in deep trouble over it.The age-oriented community was conceived as a combination housing development and amusement park for active seniors.All major publicly-funded housing developments will make adequate provision for the less well off.The housing associations also gained the freedom to raise their own funds for new housing developments.Once the constraints on local authority capital expenditure began to bite it cooperated with private housing development on inner-area sites.Before long, public housing developments were functioning as traps, not safe havens.Sets out basic design principles for parking provision in social housing developments, highlighting the potential for increasing housing densities.Looks at the economic and technological forces affecting the nature and location of work, and the implications for sustainable housing development.
From King Business Dictionarydevelopmentde‧vel‧op‧ment /dɪˈveləpmənt/ noun1[uncountable] the growth or improvement of something, so that it becomes bigger or more advancedpromises of economic development and thousands of new jobsdevelopment of the hand-held dictionary market in JapanShe saw the qualification as a part of her professional development.helping staff with their career development economic development human resource development management development web development2[uncountable]MARKETING the process of planning and making new products or providing new servicesThe new phone is the result of two years of development by AT&T units.The Japanese approach to product development is spreading around Detroit. see also research and development brand development3[uncountable]PROPERTY the process of planning and building new houses, offices etc, or improving existing onesthe development of office buildings, shopping centers and apartment complexes property development4 (also real-estate development American English), housing development British English [countable]PROPERTY a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of landlow-income families living in high-rise housing developments5[uncountable] the process of creating a plan, policy, or ideathe development of a coherent transport policy6[uncountable] the using of a natural substance or product in order to make a profitThis includes $370 million for the development of the East Brae Field in the United Kingdom North Sea.7[countable] a new event or piece of news that will have an effect on the present situationThe G-8 will discuss international financial developments, including the continued weakness of the yen.