Word family noun developer development redevelopment adjective developedundeveloped developing verb develop redevelop
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developedde‧vel‧oped /dɪˈveləpt/ ●●○ adjective 1 PEADVANCEDa developed country is one of the rich countries of the world with many industries, comfortable living for most people, and usually an elected governmentdeveloping, underdeveloped energy consumption in the developed worlddeveloped countries/nations The charity works with children in less developed countries.2 DEVELOPa developed sense, system etc, is better, larger, or more advanced than others Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. plants with well-developed root systems Labour has a more fully developed programme for the unemployed.
Examples from the Corpus
developedThus the management of forests on a global basis constitutes an agent of environmental change in both the developed and developing world.The lack of developed commercial institutions at this time meant that businesses such as barging were inevitably family-based.In these respects they differ markedly from the other two parties and have a much stronger and more developed concept of citizenship.This is particularly the case in less developed countries and in the rural or other underserved areas of more developed countries.Birthrates in developed countries are generally very low.This disease has mostly been eliminated, at least in the developed nations.The complexity of rural development everywhere, whether in the developed or the developing world, is not always realised.Profound technological developments have already critically restructured the economies of developed societies from the production of things to the production of knowledge.The reduction of mortality from both stroke and ischaemic heart disease are characteristic of much of the developed world.developed worldBecause borrowing has become easier, and because confidence has been high, personal savings have been falling around the developed world.Such obliviousness to place exists around the developed world.All through the developed world-and now in developing countries-obesity is on the rise.In the new post-cold war global economy, what was the Third World has been energized while the developed world has languished.In the developed world, on the other hand, over-consumption was now a serious threat to health.But since the spread of the free market to the less developed world, the incentives have run the other way.In the developed world we need to crack down hard on workplaces that break health and safety regulations.highly developedFor smaller companies, where financial controls are not highly developed, factoring may prove the answer.General managers and top executives must have highly developed personal skills.They have a highly developed sense of curiosity.Ida Rebecca had small book learning but highly developed sensitivity, particularly when it came to judging outsiders.They were almost certainly endowed with highly developed sensory and intuitive powers seen only in the few remaining native tribes alive today.Her strengths are impressive: her competence in the world, her highly developed social skills, her humor, her warmth.The managed mixed economy and a highly developed system of collective social provision were the means for achieving these values.