Word family noun developer development redevelopment adjective developedundeveloped developing verb develop redevelop
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developde‧vel‧op /dɪˈveləp/ ●●● S2 W1 verb 1 GROWgrow [intransitive, transitive]DEVELOPGROW/GET BIGGER to grow or change into something bigger, stronger, or more advanced, or to make someone or something do thisadvance Knowledge in the field of genetics has been developing very rapidly. Corsica has developed its economy around the tourist industry.develop into Chicago developed into a big city in the late 1800s.develop from It’s hard to believe that a tree can develop from a small seed. exercises to develop muscle strength2 PLAN/PRODUCTnew idea/product [transitive]DEVELOPINVENT to design or make a new idea, product, system etc over a period of time Scientists are developing new drugs to treat arthritis. She should have developed her own style instead of copying him. Researchers are developing technology for the US military.see thesaurus at make3 feeling [transitive] to start to have a feeling or quality that then becomes stronger He had developed a certain affection for me.develop a sense/awareness/knowledge of something The children are beginning to develop a sense of responsibility. It was in college that he developed a taste for (=started to like) rugby football.4 skill/ability [intransitive, transitive] if you develop a skill or ability, or if it develops, it becomes stronger or more advanced The course is designed to help students develop their speaking skills.5 disease [intransitive, transitive]GET if you develop a disease or illness, or if it develops, you start to have it Some alcoholics develop liver disease. Pneumonia can develop very quickly. 6 fault/problem [transitive] to begin to have a physical fault The oil tank had developed a small crack. The plane developed engine trouble and was forced to land.7 BECOME MORE ACTIVEproblem/difficulty [intransitive]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT if a problem or difficult situation develops, it begins to happen or exist, or it gets worse Trouble is developing in the cities.develop into Regional clashes could develop into larger quarrels.8 IDEA/ARGUMENTidea/argument [transitive]MORE THAN BEFORE to make an argument or idea clearer, by studying it more or by speaking or writing about it in more detail We will develop a few of these points in the seminar.9 LANDland [transitive]HET to use land for the things that people need, for example by taking minerals out of it or by building on it The land was developed for low-cost housing.10 PHOTOGRAPHYphotography [intransitive, transitive]TCP to make a photograph out of a photographic film, using chemicals Did you ever get the pictures developed?
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Examples from the Corpus
developThe interesting part of the movie is how the two women's relationship develops.Further Developments To obtain maximum benefit, any such system has to be reviewed and developed.In doing so, he developed a blister on his foot that turned into a diabetic ulcer.They construct it in the sense of developing a conception of the real as being the refractory limit of their own actions.We need to help young people develop a sense of responsibility while they're still at school.The department is developing a strategy to fight unemployment.The organization has developed a successful program to increase parents' involvement in schools.Did some not develop as a flourishing centre of the renaissance, and were the Popes not initiators of the movement?The Internet has developed at a remarkable rate.One in nine women will develop breast cancer.It is possible to develop diabetes in adulthood.They have developed drug addiction in the communities.And marriage developed everywhere to encourage men to stick around their children.She developed from a shy child into an international star.However, it is now known that some corals can survive settling sediment and that even reefs may develop in muddy surroundings.In less that 12 weeks the chicks will develop into adult birds.Clouds are developing over the mountains.After her family brought her home from hospital, she developed pneumonia.Bradley develops these ideas further in his book.The baby develops very quickly during the first few weeks of pregnancy.Knowledge in the field of genetics has been developing very quickly.In some patients, the disease develops very slowly.develop into3000 troops were sent to prevent the disturbances from developing into a full-scale civil war.Joe had no athletic ability, and was developing into an overweight child.Over the years the college developed into one of the finest language institutions in all of South East Asia.Scouting helps teenagers develop into responsible adults.develop a sense/awareness/knowledge of somethingWe can develop a sense of identity by sharing our experiences with others in a process of ongoing interaction.With this insight and acceptance, children begin to develop a sense of mastery of their feelings.Such explorations enable them to grow in knowledge and to develop a sense of mastery that promotes self-confidence.To achieve the desired balance and harmony, it is essential to develop a sense of personal purpose.Unbeknownst to us, they cut themselves off from interaction that could help them develop a sense of reality.Constancy is what it takes to get kids to help out and develop a sense of responsibility.But developing a sense of this is essential to wellbeing; assertiveness training and learning self-defence can both help.Individuals develop a sense of worth to themselves and to others by the ways in which people treat them and their communities.get ... developedAnd I want the kids to know that that is something that has got to be developed.Developing your film To get your film developed you need to go to the extreme left of the upper level.
From King Business Dictionarydevelopde‧vel‧op /dɪˈveləp/ verb1[intransitive, transitive] to grow or gradually change into a larger, stronger, or more advanced stateOnce a stock market develops in the Czech Republic, the bank’s customers will be offered investment accounts.develop intoThe city developed into a major trading center.develop fromThe Pacific Rim has developed from being a satellite of Japan into an economic base of its own.develop somethingThe company wants to develop its European operations.He developed the company’s laptop market, which was a great success.2[transitive] to plan and make a new product or provide a new serviceWe have developed a new-generation microprocessor for our top-of-the-range computers.It takes time to develop and market new software.3[transitive]PROPERTY to build on land, or improve existing buildingsThe building contractor is developing a site in Piccadilly Circus.4[transitive] to use a natural substance or product in order to make a profitThe venture will explore for and develop oil and natural gas in the Sindh province of Pakistan.5[transitive] to create a plan, policy, or ideaThe country must develop a viable national energy policy.We have developed a very positive plan for the store’s future.→ See Verb tableOrigin develop (1600-1700) French développer, from Old French voloper to wrap