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detailde‧tail1 /ˈdiːteɪl $ dɪˈteɪl/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 [countable]DETAIL a single feature, fact, or piece of information about somethingdetail of She told me every detail of her trip.down to the smallest/last detail (=completely) Todd had planned the journey down to the smallest detail.2 [uncountable]DETAIL all the separate features and pieces of information about somethingin detail He described the process in detail (=using a lot of details). This issue will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 5. McDougal was reluctant to go into detail (=give a lot of details) about the new deal. Editing requires great attention to detail. the fine detail of the planhave an eye for detail (=be skilled at noticing details) Photographers need to have an eye for detail.3 details4 [singular, uncountable]PMA technical a specific duty in the army, or the person or group with that duty the security detailCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: all the separate features and pieces of information about somethingverbsgo into detail (=give a lot of details)He refused to go into detail about what they had said at the meeting.describe/explain something in detailThe doctor spent time describing the treatment in detail to me.discuss something in detailHis report discusses the problem in detail.examine/consider/study something in detailHe asked his lawyer to examine the contract in set out in detail (=be written down and described in detail)The changes to the system are set out in detail in the next paragraph.plan/work something out in detailI haven't worked our trip out in detail yet.adjectivesgreat/considerable detailThe subject has already been studied in great detail.enough/sufficient detailThe party was criticized for not giving sufficient detail about their proposed tax changes.little detail (=not much detail)Maps of the area showed little detail.fine/minute/precise detail (=very exact detail)We've been through all the arrangements for the wedding in minute detail.meticulous detail (=very careful detail)His books describe the mountains and their paths in meticulous detail.graphic detail (=a lot of very clear and often unpleasant detail)I didn't like the graphic detail of the violence in the film.vivid detail (=in such a way that they seem real)The three characters in the novel are described with vivid detail.phrasesattention to detail (=care that all the small features of something are correct or nice)I was impressed by the hotel's attention to eye for detail (=skill at noticing all the small features)He's a brilliant photographer with a fantastic eye for detail. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: verbsask for detailsI went into the bank to ask for details about their student account.send (off) for details (=write asking for information)Why don't you send for details of the course?send your details (=send your name and address to someone in the post)For a free sample, send your details to us on a postcard.give detailsOur price list gives details of special offers.provide/supply detailsHotels that join the scheme provide details of their accommodation and facilities.confirm the details (=make sure that they are correct)Could you confirm the details of your reservation in writing?disclose/reveal/release details (=make secret information public)The company has refused to reveal any technical details until next month.announce/publish detailsFurther details of the band's tour will be announced later.adjectivesfurther/more detailsCheck our website for more details.full detailsThe police have not yet disclosed the full details of the case.precise/exact detailsPrecise details of the evidence presented at that meeting have not yet been revealed. gory details (=full details about an unpleasant or interesting event – often used humorously)She wanted to hear all the gory details about Tina's date with Nigel.personal details (=your name, address and other information about you)Please make sure that all your personal details are correct.
Examples from the Corpus
detailBut if he wavered on where it happened, Rice never changed a detail of how.The story's very complicated - I can't remember the exact details.For full details of this exclusive offer, just send in a stamped addressed envelope.The donated liver came from the UK, but the hospital is giving no further details.This study examines these contrasts in detail, at a period when the Stock Exchange in London is introducing great reforms.Switching the focus to track and field competition, more details are emerging about some of this season's important fixtures.To apply for a loan, first fill in the section marked 'Personal Details'.With its pretty round neck, softly padded shoulders and front-pocket detail, it looks great worn with a skirt or trousers.The student advice office provides details of all the university courses in the country.The Secretary of State was accompanied by a small security detail.This 720-page document covered in some detail the measures needed to ensure sustainable development.What the hacks should have contemplated was the truly telling detail of Senna at race one in Phoenix.But to get the rest of the details put together and get it organized, it could be an invaluable service.Baker advises the President on the details of foreign policy.detail ofBarr would not discuss details of the detailIn support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development.Fortunately, she was able to describe her attacker in great detail.I will deal in detail with code switching in a later chapter.One of the diagrams in detail on this area.This problem is discussed in more detail in Chapter 7.These duties are discussed fully in detail in the following chapters.If you have a problem, tell the company about it in detail.The layout of the house had been described to me in some detail.She then phoned Mr Kan and reviewed the menu in detail.I haven't had time to look at the plans in detail yet.Dr. Blount described the process in detail.These techniques allow us to examine recognition and name retrieval processes in detail.
detaildetail2 verb [transitive] 1 DETAILto list things or give all the facts or information about something The report details the progress we have made over the last year.2 detail somebody to (do) something3 American English to clean a car very thoroughly, inside and out SYN valet British English→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
detailEnclose in the bundle was our sample, the disk and two sheets detailing the fonts, software and services offered.You see everybody casts their tuppence worth into the pool but nobody details the route to a better future.Any good ante-bellum history will detail the stupidities that led to this utterly needless conflagration.The story detailed Tyson's charitable donations.
Origin detail1 (1600-1700) French détail, from Old French detail piece cut off, from taillier to cut