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descendantde‧scen‧dant /dɪˈsendənt/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 SSFCOME FROM/ORIGINATEsomeone who is related to a person who lived a long time ago, or to a family, group of people etc that existed in the pastancestorsomebody’s descendants/the descendants of somebody The coastal areas were occupied by the descendants of Greek colonists. He was a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.see thesaurus at relative2 something that has developed from something elsedescendant of Quechua is a descendant of the Inca language.
Examples from the Corpus
descendantPaul claims to be a descendant of King Charles I.The ancestral language can itself be reconstructed from the hints held in its much diverged descendants.His descendants were to live here for the next 120 years.This is because where selfishness brings higher rewards than altruism, selfish individuals leave more descendants, so altruists inevitably become extinct.Other descendants of the marine invertebrates have also left the water.Frederick and Bertha moved to Iowa in 1852, and their descendants still live in the area.The city has never officially acknowledged the losses of the displaced residents and their descendants.Then perhaps a hundred thousand people can change the trend, if they and their descendants labor for five hundred years.But neither fish can be regarded as the one whose descendants eventually colonised the land permanently.Your article made it to a Woodson descendants list on the Internet of which I am a recipient.somebody’s descendants/the descendants of somebodyAnd, of course, we harness the cranial material of the descendants of the colonists.But why should the descendants of Eusthenopteron have troubled to clamber about laboriously on the land?His manuscript was preserved by the descendants of his daughter, Anne.In 1983 the descendants of these owners of geese were to burn the local conservationists in effigy.It provides buoyancy and this, for the bulk of the descendants of these air-breathing pioneers, became a more important faculty.The descendants of a very few, transformed by natural selection, make up the world today.The descendants of this group are the sharks and rays.These were the descendants of Bunbury.descendant ofThe owner of Ring's Super Burgers set out to create a direct descendant of a 1950s diner.