Word family noun dependant dependenceindependence dependency adjective dependable dependentindependent verb depend adverb dependably independently
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdependde‧pend /dɪˈpend/ ●●● S1 W2 verb it/that dependsGrammarPatterns with dependYou say: The cost depends on the time of year.You can also use the adjective dependent: The cost is dependent on the time of year. Don’t say: The cost is depend on the time of year.Using the progressiveDepend is not used in the progressive. You say: It depends (on) what you want. Don’t say: It is depending (on) what you want.However, the present participle depending is often used: It costs between $50 and $70, depending on what you want.THESAURUSdepend on something/somebody to need something or someone in order to exist, or be healthy, successful etcThe island’s economy depends on tourism.The two industries depend on each other.Many people depend on the sport for their livelihood (=they need it in order to make money to live). rely on something/somebody to depend on something or someone to do or provide what you need, especially because you have no choiceIn rural areas, many people rely on public transport.She’d never wanted to rely on a man for money.count on something to depend on something that you expect to happenTheir government was counting on American support.I’m counting on getting a pay rise next year.lean on somebody to depend on someone for support and encouragement, especially at a difficult timeWe all need a good friend that we can lean on.When her husband died, she leant on Mike for support. depend on/upon somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
depend"Are you going to apply for that job?" "Well, it depends."We still don't know whether we'll have to move to a new house or not - it all depends.I might not be able to go to France - it depends how much it costs.The differences in opinion depend largely on where economists look for evidence.Just how high rents will rise depends on location.The amount I earn depends on the kind of work I'm doing.The length of time spent in hospital depends on the method used, but it can be as little as one day.Newco's options depend on these factors, as well as on the time available and the financial strength of the vendor.Consumers may find prices higher or lower than average, depending on where they buy gas.The appropriate steps will vary depending upon the clinical circumstances.What happens depends upon what both prisoners do, and neither knows what the other has done.It depends very much on the units you choose.
Origin depend (1400-1500) French dépendre, from Latin pendere to hang