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dentistden‧tist /ˈdentɪst/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] dentist.jpg MNsomeone whose job is to treat people’s teeththe dentist/the dentist’s (=the place where a dentist works) I’m going to the dentist this afternoon.THESAURUSdentist someone whose job is to treat people’s teethI’ve made an appointment with the dentist.She always dreaded a visit to the dentist.oral surgeon a dentist who has special training to operate on people’s teethorthodontist a dentist who makes teeth straight when they have not been growing correctlydental hygienist/hygienist someone who is specially trained to help a dentist by cleaning teeth and giving advice about how to keep teeth healthyAsk your dental hygienist for advice on using practitioner formal a dentist
Examples from the Corpus
dentistDoes he believe this stricture should also apply to lawyers, doctors and dentists?Forensic dentists will assist if intact teeth are found.My dentist told me I shouldn't eat so much chocolate.Already 60% of dentists in Oxfordshire are in private practise.My fear of dentists dates back to my earliest experiences in the twenties.I hate going to the dentist's.I'm going to the dentist this afternoon.You should visit the dentist twice a year.You're trying to take it away with all these dentists and bone men and switching her side in bed.My cabbie turned out to be an out-of-work dentist, and I couldn't quarrel with his diagnosis.Ask your dentist or dental hygienist for advice on using floss.See your dentist Regular checkups with the dentist are essential for everybody.going to the dentistHe points out that the process is about as pleasant as going to the dentist.I still don't enjoy going to the dentist but I have to admit that the modern men are wonderful.She leaves, he believing she is going to the dentist.