Word family noun demonstration demonstrator adjective demonstrable demonstrative verb demonstrate adverb demonstrably demonstratively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdemonstrationdem‧on‧stra‧tion /ˌdemənˈstreɪʃən/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable] 1 PROTESTan event at which a large group of people meet to protest or to support something in publicprotest Supporters staged a demonstration outside the US embassy. Police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration.demonstration against a demonstration against the government’s educational policies2 EXPLAINan act of explaining and showing how to do something or how something worksdemonstration of He gave a practical demonstration of the boat’s military potential. a cookery demonstration3 formalSHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDE an action that proves that someone or something has a particular ability, quality, or feelingdemonstration of The high level of calls is a clear demonstration of the need for this service. a physical demonstration of affectionCOLLOCATIONSverbshold/stage a demonstration (=organize and take part in one)In April, students began holding demonstrations to demand more freedom.organize a demonstrationA large demonstration was organized by the opposition.take part in a demonstration (also participate in a demonstration formal)As many as 400,000 people took part in the demonstration.go on a demonstration British English (=take part in a demonstration)I've never been on a demonstration before.join a demonstrationThey were prevented by police from joining the demonstration.break up a demonstration (=prevent it from continuing)Police moved in to break up the demonstration.provoke/spark a demonstration (=cause it)The incident sparked a demonstration of 2,000 people.a demonstration takes placeViolent street demonstrations took place in the capital.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + demonstrationa big/large demonstrationOpponents of the new law are planning a big demonstration next week.a huge/massive demonstration (=very big)a series of massive demonstrations against the wara mass demonstration (=involving a very large number of people)There have been mass demonstrations in some American cities.a peaceful demonstrationEveryone has the right to take part in peaceful demonstrations.a violent demonstrationNine people have been killed during violent demonstrations.a street demonstration (=in the streets of a city)A street demonstration completely blocked the centre of the city.a student demonstration (=by students)In France, student demonstrations were disrupting university teaching.a public demonstration (=by members of the public)A series of public demonstrations have been held in cities across the country.a protest demonstration (=in which people protest against something)The price increases were met by a series of strikes and protest demonstrations.a political demonstration (=to protest about the government or a political policy)She was arrested twice for her part in political anti-government/pro-democracy etc demonstrationThere have been further violent anti-government demonstrations this week.phrasesa demonstration in support of something/somebodypublic demonstrations in support of the rebelsa demonstration in protest at somethingThere were demonstrations in protest at the food shortages.
Examples from the Corpus
demonstrationOver 3,000 people took part in a demonstration against the dumping of nuclear waste at sea.Our polluted air is a clear demonstration of the need for tougher environmental laws.The anti-affirmative action law sparked mass demonstrations.The police had to break up yesterday's animal rights demonstration.In the demonstration, we began with an ice cube made from plain water.In this demonstration, each eye saw something different.The outcome of this demonstration is unclear because little information was passed on and most foreigners were busy with their Christmas celebrations.demonstration againsta demonstration against racismgave ... demonstrationSainsbury's sponsored the grape-treading stage and Faith gave a bare-footed demonstration before the Prince.He gave a demonstration to his colleagues on how to triumph.He gave a perfect demonstration of how egg on the face leads a pompous body still further into the mire.clear demonstration ofThe whole exercise was a clear demonstration of the unequalled capabilities of the Mystère 20 as an airline pilot trainer.
From King Business Dictionarydemonstrationdem‧on‧stra‧tion /ˌdemənˈstreɪʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable] an act of explaining and showing how a product works or how something is doneHe gave a demonstration of how the program works.a sales demonstration (=one done in order to sell something) of vacuum cleaners