Word family noun democracy democrat democratization adjective democraticundemocratic verb democratatize adverb democraticallyundemocratically
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democratdem‧ocrat /ˈdeməkræt/ noun [countable] PPPsomeone who believes in democracy, or works to achieve it
Examples from the Corpus
democratBut democrats are not necessarily for de-centralisation.He says that the council has already had extra funding, how much more do the labour and liberal democrat councillors want?The liberal democrats and labour say their budget was the only way to prevent drastic cuts.The liberal democrats wanted a more modest overspend ... seven million.Yeltsin is taking shots from Communists, ultranationalists and even the progressive democrats who used to be his allies.The Senate democrats were no longer afraid of him.Here is the social democrat refusing to condemn the absurdities he chronicles so well; or simply producing half-baked observations.The rest of the democrats are wavering between supporting Yeltsin and Yavlinsky.
DemocratDemocrat noun [countable] a member or supporter of the Democratic Party of the US
Examples from the Corpus
DemocratTime was you would find Democrats in trailer parks.The effort to win quick approval of the so-called supermajority tax limitation amendment has raised a furor among some Democrats.Despite a slight shortage of new ideas, she remains the strongest candidate the Democrats have fielded for some time.So after fourteen years of solid, wall-to-wall Democrats, the Republicans won both houses of Congress.
From King Business Dictionarydemocratdem‧o‧crat /ˈdeməkræt/ noun [countable]1someone who believes in, or works to achieve, democracyShe is a democrat who supports self-determination.2Democrat a member or supporter of the Democratic party in the USMy parents were lifelong Democrats.