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deityde‧i‧ty /ˈdeɪəti, ˈdiː-/ noun (plural deities) [countable] RMa god or goddess the deities of ancient Greece
Examples from the Corpus
deityThere were many ways of inducing the deities to reside in the shrines and temples.The Holy Spirit is that part of the deity given us to enable us to pray.These might represent the deity, the donor, or neither.He even extended the pattern to apply to the deity.On earth, too, the deities were exceedingly and humanly attractive.Their deity, Goddess Vankul Mata ji, rides on a camel and specifically bequeathed the animal to them.Originally religion constituted an abiding relationship not only with deity, but even more with place.
Origin deity (1300-1400) Old French deité, from Latin deus god