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deckdeck1 /dek/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 TTWon a ship a) the outside top level of a ship that you can walk or sit on Let’s go up on deck.above/below deck Peter stayed below deck. b) one of the different levels on a shipmain/passenger/car etc deck a staircase leading to the passenger decksee thesaurus at floor2 on a bus, plane etc one of the levels on a bus, plane etclower/upper etc deck I managed to find a seat on the upper deck. Eddie returned to the flight deck (=the part of an aircraft where the pilot sits). double-decker(1), single-decker3 at the back of a house American EnglishDHH a wooden floor built out from the back of a house, where you can sit and relax outdoorsdecking deck furniture4 music a piece of equipment used for playing music tapes, records etccassette/tape/record deck5 DGCcards a set of playing cards SYN pack British English Irene shuffled the deck. a deck of cards all hands on deck at hand1(37), → clear the decks at clear2(17), → hit the deck at hit1(17)
Examples from the Corpus
deckAt their feet the edge of the net began to shift off the deck.The sound of footsteps on the deck above her head brought her fully awake.I was sitting on the deck, my back exposed to the sun.The sea grew more turbulent and the waves began to break over the deck.She clutched the rail to steady herself, reached the deck and went to the closed doors of the lounge.The decks were slippery with blood, and arms and legs and chunks of flesh were strewed about.a seat on the upper deckA few of the gentlemen passengers stood on the upper deck and watched them impassively.go ... on deckRedruth took four guns and went on deck with Trelawney and the captain.Ruth was there waiting when the hatches were raised and she escaped at once and went up on deck.I helped myself, and when I had finished, I went up on deck and began sorting out the rigging.Next, I went up on deck.Refreshed, I went up on deck and looked at the waves.I went out on deck, leaving Inspector Gin to his interrogation of the captain.She wakened Anna and dressed her and the two of them went on deck.Nomatterhow bad the storm was she had to go on deck, where at least the air was clean.lower/upper etc deckIt had a plain glazed back to illuminate the upper deck at night and the lamps were removed from the hoops.Or at least into the upper deck.She climbed aboard the Mumbles train and huddled in a seat in the warmth of the lower deck.A few of the gentlemen passengers stood on the upper deck and watched them impassively.On the lower deck, where all the people are, there is the sense of an outrageous and clarifying happiness.The ships are always packed to capacity, with passengers clinging to the upper decks.The lower deck, below the water line, was for cargo.The upper deck comprised the flight cabin and baggage holds and the lower was the passenger deck.cassette/tape/record deckDo you have a tape deck?The lights were still on, and a cassette was clicking in a tape deck.A tape deck played a Beethoven symphony and children played with Fisher-Price toys.Tommy picks up the Magnum and fires it twice at the stereo, one bullet in each cassette deck.It has a serious graphic equaliser, full logic cassette deck and an all-singing all-dancing spectrum analyser.The supplied infra-red remote control handset also enables control of a suitably appointed Nakamichi cassette deck.Couple turntables, a number of tape decks.Above the subwoofer is a 25-year-old reel-to-reel tape deck of the kind used in broadcast studios.deck of cardsIn the center, a woman I had never seen before began stroking a deck of cards with bony hands.There are aces and kings and twos and threes in any deck of cards.Almost the entire deck of cards - sixty-six of them - were spread out on the floor before the fire.Now it looked grubby, collapsed and marked like a very old deck of cards.Any new concepts or terms that emerge during this examination of relationships must also be inserted in the deck of cards.McMurphy was there, studying the deck of cards that slid in and out of sight in his hands.
deckdeck2 verb [transitive] 1 (also deck something out)DECORATE to decorate something with flowers, flags etcbe decked (out) with something The street was decked with flags for the royal wedding.Grammar Deck is usually passive in this meaning.2 informalHIT to hit someone so hard that they fall over Gerry just swung round and decked him.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
deckBill decked a drunk guy who spilled his drink on Bobbie.Oi luv, you're supposed to deck the halls, not wreck the decked (out) with somethingAlso, this deck comes with rocker.Electrical codes generally require such a sheath if the cable comes close to decks or places with a lot of traffic.Hilbert and Lewis and Beryl sat in old-fashioned deck chairs with striped canvas seats.In the center, a woman I had never seen before began stroking a deck of cards with bony hands.With decks awash with diesel we beat a hasty retreat back to Lerwick.You may be dreaming of barbecues and planter boxes, but even a backyard deck starts with a good foundation.The decks were slippery with blood, and arms and legs and chunks of flesh were strewed about.The upper decks were wide with two and two seating, except for a single seat by the trolley which was slightly offset.
From King Business Dictionarydeckdeck /dek/ noun [countable]TRANSPORTTRAVEL one of the levels on a shipCargo is stored on the ship’s lower deck.Origin deck1 (1400-1500) Middle Dutch dec roof, covering deck2 1. (1500-1600) Dutch dekken to cover2. (1900-2000) DECK1