dance to somebody’s tune

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdance to somebody’s tunedance to somebody’s tuneOBEYto do what someone wants you to do – used to show disapproval At that time, Eastern bloc countries danced to the Soviet tune. dance
Examples from the Corpus
dance to somebody’s tuneThey control all the funding so we have to dance to their tune.But now it dances to a different tune.Mandeville and Santerre had arrived at Templecombe wanting to make everyone dance to their tune.She had to stay on her best behaviour and dance to his tune.This is how I like things - me pulling the strings, getting them to dance to my tune.Why did he get the feeling that he and Egbert were dancing to a tune?She was dancing to his tune a little too, and she was uneasily aware of it.Everyone was in a circle now, dancing to a rollicking tune played by the small band, and changing partners.Now he danced to Kirov's tune, without knowing the steps.